The Alpha Male Bundle

Improve in all aspects of your life with the Alpha Male Bundle, a curated collection of downloadable self-enchantments, manifestation guides, and done-for-you spellwork.

What’s inside:

Ultra Blend: Elevated Alpha

Elevated Alpha is an all-in-one magical blend for men actively working to become the best version of themselves and achieve their absolute full potential.

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Subliminal Sorcery Track: Authentic Alpha

Authentic Alpha is magically programmed to help you become a truly authentic alpha who chases excellence and leads a successful passion-filled life.

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Subliminal Sorcery Track: Fearless

A subliminal magic remix for those who want to shine in social interactions, sync to high self esteem and positive thinking, and reduce anxiety.

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Subliminal Sorcery Track: Babe Magnet

Manifest the sex life you desire with Babe Magnet, made for both male and female listeners (any sexuality/preferences.) Become magnetic to high-quality sexual interests desiring your attention.

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Video Spell: GAIN$

A video charm for wealth-building and good financial luck. Whether you’re looking for extra sources of income, new paying clients, consistent gambling wins, or more online sales, the GAIN$ video money charm will give you a magical nudge in building the level of wealth you want.

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Video Spell: Get Lucky

A video sex spell for straight men who want a better sex life. Includes a breakdown of the core intent: passionate sex with women.

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Get the Alpha Male Bundle for $127

Worth $265, Alpha Male Bundle includes a personal ultra blend, 3 audio tracks, and 2 video spells designed for you to level up in life.