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What others say about us


“Some people just want to know what to do… what exactly needs to be done for this to work. That’s what I love about… he does that so well.”

—ATL Carver, author of “You’re Imagining Things”, on The Higherside Chats podcast


“Good news: I just signed my 4th client for monthly work! I am now fully booked (unless I start outsourcing extra work I get.)

“The past year has been really great man. The video spells helped tremendously. Been working with awesome clients and had a lot more success with women…”

“Already seeing results in my professional and creative life.”

“Very specific positive events have conspired on my behalf since you did your work…”

— Fanmail from USA

review of inception is possible by extraoddinary

“The inception package is awesome. I tried psychic seduction and visualization stuff some years ago but this is way better. It’s to the point and you don’t have to read so much to work with it.

Results have been good. I used it mainly for seduction purposes and working on my inner game. I did the technique on a few girls about 2 months ago and within a week they were giving me a lot of great signals to work with. I’m now dating one of them and it’s going well. My confidence is high and I’m feeling good in general using the self-inception techniques.”

“I still use the magic.mp3 regularly, especially when I do any visualisation work. It always works very well for me…”

— Fanmail from Australia

extraoddinary get lucky video spell

“…The next day a girl I’ve talked to and vaguely knew 4-5 years ago wrote to me out of the blue on Facebook saying she’s seen me at the store and it was a shame we didn’t get to talk. Now, the weird thing is as if I was guided to write exactly the right things, it’s like I knew what to say and sort of how to vibe and behave and after maybe half an hour of conversation it got purely sexual. Next thing I know we met the same night and things got pretty hot and heavy. And even now, after the move she wants to meet up while she’s visiting the city I live in.

Your products are legit man, holy sh*t, I’m amazed. Going to order other products of you soon.

P.S. I used to be kinda anxious and held back when it comes to talking and behaving with women but this time I was calm and the anxiousness was gone. I am truly thankful! Thank you, extraoddinary team!”

“Just recently purchased the mp3 fearless subliminal. I’ve been using it everyday since February 24th. It does really work! It worked the 1st time I used it.”

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