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The best part of our day is seeing another new success story pop-up in our email inbox. Whatever it is — getting a promotion at work, becoming more confident, finding your dream partner — we love seeing you win 🏆

“My wife experienced excellent results with the Clover, she has been struggling to change her position at work for many months, then last couple of weeks multiple situations arose that should see her get the position she has been chasing with a nice promotion thrown in too.”

“Clover worked really well. In my initial email to you I mentioned I wanted to focus on money, freelance, writing, finding a new job at a better marketing agency and inviting morelove and romance into my life. I’ve managed to do all of the above, and it’s all flowed to me without me actually actively seeking any of it – even the job.”

“Usually I wait and expect things to work in about 3 weeks, which is what it takes to acclimate to new energy, for me at least. Thus far in the last few days so many synchronous events have appeared, I am sure it is Zeus working. Thank you and continue on. Will definitely be a regular customer of your work. You can use for testimonial just do not use my name. I have been vague but very specific positive events have conspired on my behalf since you did your WORK. Thanks again.

“Awesome! Thanks for letting me know!

I gotta say, ever since Catalyst was cast I have been playing my piano a lot more! Before when I would practice I would practice just to get it over with, but I’ve noticed myself getting more “in the zone.” What was once 15 minute rushed and sloppy practices is now becoming 45+ minute intense practices. I’m not trying to play the exercises and scales as fast as I can to get them out of the way, but I’m actually taking the time to let it all sink in. When I encounter an issue in my playing, I don’t give up and say, “that’s good enough for today,” but I’ve found myself fixing all of my errors, thus improving my technique. I love it! I’m sure Catalyst has been helping me in other areas as well, but this is the big one for me!

I can’t wait to see what the other two will do for me! Thanks!

“I’d like to start by expressing my thanks for the Miracle spell–I wished to gain 13cm within two years, five months have passed and I’ve gained half an inch! Might not be much (yet) but it took me 2 years to gain that amount of height before I bought the spell. You’re the best!

Also, I am planning to purchase a new spell in the coming days, but I’m a little torn between Money and Clover…”

Hope all is well, thanks a lot for the below, very impressed with the results.

I have made a new order. Let me know if you need any further details or if the below info is still good?


I won 1000 euro last week!

What about the lotto spell; is it only for lotto or also for lotteries and gambling in general?

Please let me know.


“Just liked to let you know that The Edge is working 😀 I’m getting positive responses from people, I’m more open and comfortable with people, and I feel that things are moving forward for sure! I’m also having shift in perspective about socializing that takes away all the false illusionary anxieties and fears layer by layer… I just gotta maintain it by cultivating a huge amount of positive energy! :)”

You must have just started sending the energy… I can feel it right now in my third-eye and whole head really. It’s almost 12 midnight here..I hope I can get to sleep Luckily I do not have to work tomorrow so it doesn’t matter if I’m up along time. I do want to see where this spell takes me. So far so good, I’ll keep you updated.

“Thank you so much for your responses. I will like to share you an update of my situation. Things seem to be going in the direction that I intended for, for instances he seems to listen to the things that I asked him to do. We met (not intentionally) at the gym. And now we are planning to meet sometime this week. I will keep sharing with you updates. And I will purchase the magick course soon. Thank you again!

“A specific target could be people who want to learn yoga/meditation for Icon.

With Clover I have been looking for half a steel barrel for a few months. I went to get my hair cut and I walk past a local hardware shop selling it. They had it on display outside. I have ask a cousin of mine to find one near him and he couldn’t. It just came to me.

Also, most of the times better things happening in general.”

“Thank you so much for all your help. You didn’t have to help me out on short notice, especially free of charge. The fact you did, speaks volumes about you and the dedication you have to your services and the people. The world has become a bad place nowadays, rarely can you find good people like you.

I’ll wait and see how my situation plays itself out, but even if it drags out a little bit-I’ll get back to you with some spell request. Of course, I’ll provide you with all the details you need.

I’m going to follow the mantra/breating techniques you shared with me to multiply the chances of success and do the work on my part.”

“Thanks, been feeling the energy the whole of today…feeling good :)”

“Yesterday I woke up with a sudden burst of energy and motivation. Woke up, exercised, studied, ran errands, cleaned, ate properly and red oppose to watching TV or playing a game. Even had the urge to sleep early. Today I’ve felt off. Incredibly tired despite a full 8 hours rest. That might just be my body adjusting to the changes.”

“Oh and btw, your manifestation technique that has you visualize for just a few seconds has been VERY effective, I was able to help my parents business with that one and stop the nasty tactics their competitors were trying to use on us.”

“I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing work that you’ve done to help me through everything. I feel great and more confident! I’m also very appreciative of how fast the responses are and how polite you and everyone at extraoddinary are. Thank you so SO much :)”

“Hope all is well.

Guess what. I was offered an extension on my contract till June on my part-time work at [website].

Will Mojo spell help me get noticed by my supervisors or the higher lever management? Any suggestions?


“Thank you for your work. I fell asleep before you began casting the Happy spell. The only thing I can tell you is that I woke up the next morning giggling at some silly pun I had made to a group of people in my dream. Very much with the sensation of frothy champagne bubbles all around me. It was very nice, and quite a change from my usual anxiety-filled dreamtimes.”

“I felt energized, and sort of drained at the same, so I fell asleep within minutes, feeling good.

I also had a lot of different vivid dreams were I was social, confident and assertive in different situations.

During the day I felt more comfortable being around people. I also started and initiated a couple conversations, which I usually don’t. I’m happy so far and this is just the first day. thank you.”

“Thanks for the session, I feel much more collected, grounded and centered in myself. The chest feels much more relaxed and open!

Keep moving with what’s next as you see fit.”

“Very good, its ok for me, continue with Clarity’s process, scheduled Tuesday midnight. 🙂

Life?, humm I think very well, I have noticed very very interesting sensations since The Edge and Clover. Two little examples.

In the past I unable to make eye contact except with my best friends and family. Suddenly seems the problem has almost completely gone away.

At this moment side effects of Clover are funny xD. I see clovers everywhere!! Pendants, earrings, t-shirts, posters, websites, St. Patrick’s Day… even I received an email client asking me to design a poster for an academy of English in Ireland, and he said “Hey can you include one of those Irish clover?”. I strolled last week beside a father and his son. The little boy was telling his father this words “only four-leaf clovers bring luck”.


“I just wanted to give you a quick update and ask a question. At around midnight on the first night I definitely felt some subtle heat. In the last couple of days I’ve noticed girls playing with their hair when I walk by them and already had two women make strong eye contact and smile. I’ve been a bit busy with some school work so haven’t had much time yet. I’ve read that alcohol can interfere with a spell. Will drinking when I go out affect the spell at all?


“Alright that does make sense. I’ll start putting them up in places I see every day.

I’ve been meaning to email you and let you know I’m already seeing results for the Zeus spell.

I have a blog and one of my goals for it is to grow and to be invited to events etc. I have a digit planned for this but I haven’t written it or set it yet. The other day I got a random email from a PR company asking for my address to send a bottle of wine to review! This has never happened before.

I’ve also picked up 2 freelance jobs, although I was actually contacted by both the day I purchased your spell and course, so getting them isn’t related. But, the main job has been amazing – the guy not only paid me to do research but is asking me to invoice him for work done rather than me having to invoice first and then chase it up, which is what usually happens. He also offered to fly me to another city for a meeting. These types of good fortune never happen to me so something is definitely working!

I’m excited to see how the clover spell goes! I’ll keep an eye out for those details. Thanks.”

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