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    Common Questions

    I’ve placed an order for a magic spell. When will I hear from you?

    We’ll be in touch personally within 1-2 business days to schedule your spell.

    I’ve placed an order for a downloadable product. When will I get my download link?

    As soon as your payment is securely cleared, you’ll receive download links in your email. On rare occasions, (usually when payment processors take extra security measures,) this may be a little longer.

    Don’t worry though! We keep an eye out on delayed downloads and will process your order within 24 hours.

    Can I pay manually using PayPal or Bitcoin?

    PayPal: Yes. Get in touch for our PayPal address. You can also request a PayPal invoice.

    Bitcoin: Yes. Get in touch for our Bitcoin address. Use Google’s USD-BTC exchange rate. At this time, for all cryptocurrency payments, there’s a $5 admin fee.

    I’d like to collaborate with you on something else (projects, interviews, teaching, etc.) Who should I contact?

    Sounds good. Let’s talk. Get in touch using the form above or email: hello (at) extraoddinary (dot) com

    Your spell/course/invention is working awesome! Now what can I do for you?

    We’d love to hear about it. Simply email us, or write your review on social media, or an online forum, or your own website 😊

    Should I go for a magic spell or course/invention?

    This depends on how involved you want to be:

    If you want everything done for you, choose a magic spell and let it work on your goal as you go about your day-to-day. You won’t be instructed to do any specific routines or rituals.

    If you want to be more involved in the process, courses and inventions are the way to go.

    Do you cast love spells?

    Regrettably, we’ve decided not to do these anymore. Sorry! We’re no longer able to provide the higher level of support or personal involvement that typically comes with this type of spellwork. Although this is probably isn’t the answer you’re looking for, feel free to browse general attraction or glamour spells to attract a more suitable person into your life.