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Effective enchantments made for luck, love, money, and more.

β€’ Super simple, all done for you. No involvement on your side
β€’ 100% safe, spook-free, karma-friendly. No evil spirits used, ever
β€’ Transformative spellwork, trusted by thousands worldwide for over 10 years

Need some help? See the Magic Spells FAQs.

Magic Spells List

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Luck Enhancement

Clover β€” Good luck and abundance

Joker β€” More wins for unlucky gamblers

Magic for Magicians and Manifestors

Zeus β€” Manifestation power

Xavier β€” Project thoughts into the minds of others

Miracle β€” One wish

Personal Development and Reinvention

The Edge β€” Build social confidence

Mastery β€” Develop remarkable skill or talent

Einstein β€” Develop your intelligence

Catalyst β€” Motivation to work better, smarter, harder

Osmosis β€” Success with subliminals

Money, Business, Career

The Money Spell β€” Wealth creation

Hired β€” Get more job offers

Love, Sex, Relationships

Aphrodite β€” Become sexually desirable

The Love Spell β€” Romance Magic

MOJO β€” Enhance your charisma and presence

Dark Honey β€” Affect others and shine

Nightshade β€” Avenge & protect

Moonsong β€” Manifest the relationship of your dreams

Rewind β€” Get a second chance

Health and Well-Being

Eye of The Tiger β€” Smash your health & fitness goals

Ariadne β€” Awaken in your dreams

Clover β€” Attract Good Luck and Prosperity

Experience more favorable outcomes, opportunities, people, and events.

β€’ Increase serendipitous moments. Find yourself in the right place at the right time
β€’ Open the path for abundance
β€’ Boost positive outcomes in your life

Price: $79 USD

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Joker β€” Gambling Success

More wins for unlucky gamblers.

β€’ Enhance gambling luck
β€’ Boost probability of winning
β€’ Enhance decision-making abilities
β€’ Reduce reliance on chance

Price: $79 USD

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Zeus β€” Manifestation Power

Amplify your manifestation abilities with Zeus Spell, and attract positive opportunities, people, and material things to help you reach your goals.

β€’ Enhance manifestation power
β€’ Clear negative thoughts
β€’ Facilitate goal attainment
β€’ Promote positivity in goal-setting and pursuit

Price: $79 USD

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Xavier β€” Project Thoughts Into the Minds of Others

Enhance psionic abilities specifically for remote influence and telepathy

β€’ Unlock areas of your mind to successfully plant compelling ideas, thoughts, and messages in someone’s subconscious
β€’ Clear blockages and negative beliefs that are holding you back
β€’ Subconscious security: Protect yourself from inception, remote influence, and psychic attacks

Price: $79 USD

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Miracle β€” One Wish

One per lifetime. Make your greatest wish a reality.

A powerful combination of three magic practices performed by three specialists.

β€’ Manifest your personal goal, dream, or ambition
β€’ Accelerate the attainment of your desired outcome
β€’ Attract the necessary resources to achieve your wish

Price: $99 USD

*Please email us to discuss your wish beforehand.

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The Edge β€” Boost Social Confidence

Break free from the fear that’s holding you back.

β€’ Stop worrying about what other people think of you
β€’ Improve the way you see yourself
β€’ Talk and interact with more confidence
β€’ Ease into any conversation without anxiety and stop getting tongue-tied

Price: $79 USD

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Mastery β€” Develop Remarkable Skill or Talent

Achieve mastery in your chosen field.

β€’ Master a subject or activity; your Life’s Task.
β€’ Enhance unconscious competence
β€’ Acquire comprehensive knowledge
β€’ Attract opportunities for advancement

Price: $79 USD

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Einstein β€” Develop Your Intelligence

Einstein builds your ability to acquire & apply knowledge and skills

β€’ Think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, enhance memory, learn quickly
β€’ Improve ability to reason, plan, and solve problems
β€’ Make sense of things and figure out what to do

Price: $79 USD

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Catalyst β€” Work Better, Smarter, Harder

Stop procrastinating with tasks, maximize your productivity, and get more done in less time

β€’ Provides energy, inspiration, and motivation
β€’ Become super productive
β€’ Remove resistance, and propel yourself into action

Price: $79 USD

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Osmosis β€” Success With Subliminals

Osmosis provides the optimum state for subliminals, hypnosis, and affirmations to penetrate the unconscious mind

β€’ Absorb subliminals faster
β€’ Amplify the desired effects
β€’ Clear negative beliefs and blockages

Price: $79 USD

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Money Spell β€” Wealth Creation

Open the door to various sources of money, and create a more fulfilling life

β€’ Attract more financial opportunities
β€’ Find people/influencers/networks who will help, donate, or lend
β€’ Discover ways to decrease debt
β€’ Increase opportunities to make, win, or find money

Price: $79 USD

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Hired β€” Get More Job Offers

Be seen as an ideal candidate after sending new job applications and scoring interviews

β€’ Get your resume or CV noticed by recruiters & employers
β€’ Spark interest and get interviews
β€’ Nail the interview and leave a memorable impression

Price: $79 USD

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Aphrodite β€” Become Desirable

A seduction & attraction spell for men and women

β€’ Encourages a flow of sexually-inviting, seductive energy
β€’ Allure and compel the opposite sex
β€’ Build desire and ignite emotional responses within others

Price: $79 USD

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The Love Spell β€” Romance Magic

Invoke romantic love or sexual passion in the person you desire

Use the Love Spell to:

Ignite: Trigger feelings of attraction, positive associations, and arousing thoughts in a specific person.

Revive: Rekindle lost love or strengthen a relationship by evoking positive emotions and memories from the happiest parts of the relationship.

Price: $99 USD

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Rewind β€” Recreate a Tarnished Past, Get a Second Chance

Crossed a line, made a mistake, or broke someone’s trust? Reconcile with Rewind, a spell that includes remote influencing work for you to undo the past, and even reach a better state than before.

β€’ Resolve conflicts and issues to improve your future

β€’ Neutralize a specific person’s emotions so you can stop being ignored and be given a chance to rebuild a relationship

β€’ Come to terms with your past actions so you can focus on your present

Price: $99 USD

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MOJO β€” Enhance Your Charisma and Presence

MOJO alters the way people perceive you, so you can be seen as “higher-status”. (This can sometimes intimidate others, especially men.) Great for use in creating relationships, attraction, and chemistry.

β€’ Energizes your aura on a primal, sexual level
β€’ Compel others, energetically, and subconsciously
β€’ Clear negative beliefs and blockages
β€’ Vibrate with alpha presence

Price: $79 USD

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Dark Honey β€” Affect Others and Shine

Win friends and influence your audience

β€’ Convince more people to agree, say “yes”, and act on your great ideas
β€’ Be seen as a superstar among coworkers, colleagues, peers, friends
β€’ Breaks down resistance in others, making them less likely to object
β€’ Be seen as an authority who carries greater knowledge, experience or expertise
β€’ Encourages a flow of likeable, alpha-like energy that quickly creates rapport and instils confidence in others
β€’ Leave an unforgettable impression

Price: $79 USD

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Nightshade β€” Avenge & Protect

Restore your emotional equilibrium with passive retaliation: Punish offenders, competitors, and others who have done you wrong

β€’ Retaliate against wrong-doers with bad luck and knock them off their desired path, anonymously
β€’ Return an equally offensive action to the originator β€” (“Eye for an eye”)
β€’ Protect yourself from future attacks with magical offence

This spell can be modified to be a strong general protection spell, rather than one of revenge aimed at a specific person or group. Get in touch and let us know beforehand.

Price: $79 USD

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Moonsong β€” Manifest the relationship of your dreams

Take control of your romantic destiny, and bring in your ideal life partner who will love, cherish, and adore you

β€’ Attract genuine romantic love into your life
β€’ Encounter perfect candidates, quality opportunities, and more
β€’ Open the flow of love, luck, and possibilities
β€’ Get the love you truly desire and deserve

Price: $79 USD

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Eye of The Tiger β€” Smash Your Health & Fitness Goals

Get into the best shape of your life

β€’ In-workout boosts of energy and stamina to go beyond your own expectations and kill your training sessions
β€’ Motivation and nudges ensure you’re always following your exercise and diet regime
β€’ Serves any goal you’re working towards: weight loss, muscle gain, speed, strength, overall health & fitness, specific sport skills

Price: $79 USD

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Ariadne β€” Awaken in Your Dreams

Ariadne encourages lucid dreaming and dream control: The abilities to have & recall vivid dreams, and being able to consciously explore & change the elements of the dream

β€’ Bring lucidity to help gain deeper understanding of subconscious

β€’ Improve focus and amplify awareness while dreaming

β€’ Be free of waking state limitations

β€’ Dream with intention and accomplish goals in your sleep

Price: $79 USD

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Magic Spells FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the questions we get asked very often. If you need any extra help, feel free to send us a message.

I’m new to this magic stuff. Will this be difficult?

Don’t worry, this is really easy. There’s nothing for you to do on your side to get great results.

Are these safe magic spells? Will anything bad or spooky happen to me?

This is all completely safe and nothing bad will happen. You definitely won’t “ruin your karma” or be visited by any evil spirits.

How long does it take for you to start and complete my magic spell?

Most of the time we start within 1-2 days. During busy periods this could be up to 3 or 4 days. We can let you know in advance if you contact us beforehand.

Each spell is split up into 2 sessions, each a day apart.

If you’ve ordered multiple spells, these are cast about 24 hours between each other. Though, we recommend more time between spells.

How long does it take for the magic spell to start working?

It varies. People may start feeling/observing the effects within a week.

How long do the effects of the magic spell last?

By default, the spell is permanent and designed to last forever. If you don’t want it anymore, let us know and we’ll remove it.

What should I do after you’re done?

Expect success.

What information do you need from me?

Ideally, any of the following: full name, city/country, DOB. Most people send all 3 pieces of information. Pictures are optional, not necessary.

I have negative thoughts and/or blockages. Will this impact the results I get with my spell?

Before casting your magic spell, we do any necessary clearing of blockages, and neutralize negative thoughts so that they don’t affect your manifestations. (This means you’ll only manifest the good stuff.)

Is there anything you need to send to me by post?

No, everything is done remotely.

It’s my first time doing this sort of thing. Can we discuss before I make a request?

Yup, get in touch before making a request.

Can I create my own magic spell?

Yes, we can do customized requests. It usually depends on how realistic the request is. Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll get back to you.

Will any of the spells interfere with other work (attunements, spells, etc.) that I already have?

No. They will not interfere with any other work.

I’m skeptical. Where can I read reviews and testimonials of extraOddinary magic spells?

Check out our magic spell reviews for testimonials of our manifestation services.

I would like a magic spell to be cast for a certain amount of time. Can we delete the spell afterwards?

Yes, let us know anytime you’d like to remove your spell.

Your magic spell is working awesome! Now, what can I do for you?

We’d love to hear about it. Simply email us, or write your review on social media, or an online forum, or your own website πŸ™‚

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