Covid Protection Sigil

This video sigil was created with the intent to protect its user from infectious diseases, with a specific focus on COVID-19.

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Stardust Good Luck Sigil

This video sigil was created with the intent to open the flow of timely synchronistic events, good luck, and out-the-blue fortune.

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Empower your magic and attract better manifestation results with this digital boxset of master sigils and magic charms.

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KAOS Machines

Heavily charmed, ready-to-print desire boards.

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Video Spells

A modern twist on traditional magic charms.

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Inception is Possible

Remote influence tools and telepathic techniques to influence a person’s actions, behaviours, and beliefs

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The world’s first magically enhanced mp3 audio track for bringing any magic symbol to life. If you work with symbols, you need this.

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Erotic Inception

Discover how to sexually motivate a person — remotely. Or find genuine romance. As seen in the remote influence course, Inception is Possible.

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Get an all-access pass to every premium extraOddinary invention and course.

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