An elegant solution for tuning reality to your will.

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An audio-visual master track to help make your magical efforts more effective.

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Wish Console

Turn your PC or smartphone into a wish-granting tool, and plug into the easiest way to make manifestation work for you.

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Subliminal Sorcery

18 transformative audio enchantments for realigning your life with what you want.

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Midas Machine

A powerful audio-visual brew to reshape your financial fate.

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Dragon Gem

Enhanced servitor magic to direct change in any way you want.

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Magic Touch (18+ / NSFW)

A truly innovative remote influence tool to ignite sexual passions in the person you desire.

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Sigils of Excellence

17 video-based charms for tuning into opportunity, self-reinvention, and accomplishment.

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Virtual candle magic made possible.

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Video Spells

A modern twist on traditional magic charms.

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The world’s first magically enhanced mp3 audio track for bringing any magic symbol to life. If you work with symbols, you need this.

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Burning Desire

Spellwork for attracting genuine romantic love and sexually satisfying relationships.

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Mystic Water

Magically enhanced video & audio track for mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, and inner peace.

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The Legacy Bundle

Discover archived inventions and limited edition items.

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User Guides for Inventions

Learn how to get the best out of your inventions using these step-by-step instructions.

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