Video spells

Charmed video imagery, combined with the tried & tested methods used in our reality-shaping magic spells, power symbols, and audio-based enchantments. Simply relax, watch the 7-minute video, and repeat as often as you like to enhance the effects. Easy.

🧙🏻‍♂️ Real magic + neuroscience + psychology
Embedded frequencies and extraOddinary’s secret sonic sauce specifically for enhancing the effects

🧹 Clutter-free
No guided meditation, hypnosis, affirmations, words, subliminals

🕖 Efficient enchantment
7-minute high-quality video for quick viewing anytime

💋 Get Lucky — Boost Your Sex Life

Meet women eager to satisfy you sexually

Get Lucky is a video sex spell for straight men who want a better sex life. It’s based on the core intent: Passionate sex with women.

To make this more likely & frequent, we included a breakdown of the goal that clearly defines the desired experience:

• Intensely pleasurable orgasms
• Women approach me with sexual intent
• Satisfying blowjobs
• Wide selection of sex partners
• Women are eager to satisfy me sexually
• Cumming inside women

Warning: 18+ only. This is a very explicit video charm made for private viewing only.

Price: $37 $17 USD

💰 GAIN$ — Achieve Your Best Financial Destiny

Enhance your money-making potential

A video charm for wealth-building and good financial luck. Whether you’re looking for extra sources of income, new paying clients, consistent gambling wins, or more online sales, the new GAIN$ video money charm will give you a magical nudge in building the level of wealth you want.

It’s based on the core intent: Money always available. The idea of financial freedom and independence.

To make this more likely & frequent, we included a breakdown of the goal that clearly defines the desired experience:

• Ever-growing bank account
Consistent income.

• Opportunities to generate wealth
Abundance of valuable possessions or money.

• Money-making miracles
Good luck for your pursuit of wealth, including discovering money-making ideas and offers, getting a pay raise, winning money from gambling, finding influencers and other useful business connections who can help you, and more.

• Luxury lifestyle
Having the best of anything.

• Accelerated profits
Optimize your money making potential

• Buy anything I want
This charm aims high in order for you to reach a point where you can purchase daily essentials and the things you desire most.

Price: $37 $17 USD