User Guides for Inventions

Learn how to use your inventions with these online user guides. Get going within minutes using Quick Start, or go through detailed step-by-step instructions for a better understanding.

Note: These are instructions. Your download link to access your invention is sent to the email address you ordered with. If you haven’t received this, please get in touch with your order number and that will be sorted out for you quickly.


Wish Console

Rapidly accelerate your achievement of dreams, goals, and ambitions.

View the online User Guide for Wish Console

Sigils of Excellence

Sigils of Excellence

Realign your fate. Rewire your mind. Realize your true potential.

View the online User Guide for Sigils of Excellence

Spellfire Candle Magic Book


Matchless candle magic

View the online User Guide for Spellfire

Video Spells

Video Spells

Shape your own reality with transformative video enchantments

View the online User Guide for Video Spells



Activate magic symbols effortlessly

View the online User Guide for awaken.mp3