Quick Start: A Wish Console is a magic tool designed to accelerate your achievement of dreams, goals, and ambitions. Play the Wish Console video to pump magic into your atmosphere; close your eyes and settle in; and imagine experiencing your desired result. Supercharge your wish with extra sessions to get closer to your desired life.

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Part One: Introduction

Part Two: Magical Elements (Features)

Part Three: Using Wish Console

Part Four: Next Moves

Part Five: Bonus Settings

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Part One: Introduction

What is Wish Console?

Wish Console is a simple-to-use, powerful tool used to manifest a specific intent for its user.

Switch it on and let it release — into your physical and mental space — the magic of master sigils, audio sorcery, and servitors. Then, when you’re ready to supercharge your wish, follow the provided manifestation routine (or use your own.)

What can it be used for?

Magicians and manifestors of any level can use this tool-and-technique combo to create a wide variety of magical results:

• Attract golden opportunities

• Change behaviors

• Secure material desires

And so much more.

How do I access my Wish Console?

Simply playing the WISHCONSOLE video on your chosen device — like your PC, or smartphone, or tablet — turns it into a magic-pumping Wish Console.

Access your video using the download package sent to your email inbox.

Use it with the included manifestation routine, or combine it with your own practice (which could be anything with the intent to manifest desired outcomes, including sigil magic, servitor creation, candle magic, affirmations, subliminals, radionics, psionics, and more.)

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Part Two: Magical Elements (Features)

Wish Console provides the right magical backing to help you create your dream life. Here’s a summary of (some of the) elements it’s built with:

Master sigils to supercharge your sorcery

Master sigils work on making your magic more successful. They boost your ability to attract more opportunities, luck, synchronicities that lead you towards achieving your goals.

Master Sigil #1: Always get what is desired

This master sigil was created with the intent all of what is desired manifests, no matter what. It encapsulates the “ultimate ability” of any magician or manifestor.

Master Sigil #2: Maximum manifestation pathways

Manifestation pathways are every single way your goal is achievable. This master sigil was created for opening more possibilities for whatever desired result you’re working on.

Master Sigil #3: Optimum magical thinking

This master sigil is based on removing all doubt and helps you manifest desires with precision & success.

Master Sigil #4: Sigils always fulfill their purpose

This master sigil further enhances the manifestation odds of all sigils you use or create yourself, including the master sigils and charms contained within this package.

Master Sigil #5: Visualizations manifest always

The first step to all magic is thinking, in some way, about your desired result. This master sigil attaches magical weight to such thoughts, including the manifestation routine outlined in this guide.

Master Sigil #6: Ever-growing magical influence

This master sigil aims to continually expand your capacity to make magical impact. This includes your thoughts & imagination, the sigils you use or create yourself, and all the master sigils and charms contained within Wish Console.

Audio sorcery

Embedded frequencies and the secret sonic sauce specifically for getting into the optimal manifestor’s zone and enhancing the effects of any magic you do with your Wish Console. Plus, it’s all distraction-free: No guided meditation, hypnosis, affirmations, words, or subliminals.


New magick constructs programmed to enhance your magical proficiency and pull more magical results


If any of this sounds new to you, don’t worry: You absolutely don’t need to know what goes on behind the scenes or how Wish Console is created. This is a simple tool, ready-made for you to use effortlessly. All you have to do is follow the quick & easy instructions.

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Part Three: Using Wish Console

You’ll now learn how to use the Wish Console to manifest a desire.

Choose your mode

You have two modes:

Select the 7-minute, super concentrated mode if you’re short on time or prefer to work with it over time in shorter, multiple blasts.

Select the 30-minute mode for a more immersive wishing session. 10-20 minutes is enough with the manifestation routine below, but you have 30 minutes if you want more time.

Choose your design

The Wish Console comes in two aesthetics.


A simple black and white minimalistic circuit.


The original design, featuring a powerful energy core.

Both work exactly the same and it’s up to you to decide which resonates with you more. The only basic difference: the “Midnight” design is a smaller file size because it uses less detailed video imagery.

Make a Wish

Step 1: Set your magical intent

Before you begin, figure out exactly what you want.

You can simply think about this for a moment or write it down, clearly and concisely.

• Set one clear goal 

• Use positive words 

• Use the present tense 

• Describe the final state

For example:

– I am in a loving relationship

– My online business makes $10,000 a month

– I am incredibly confident with women

Step 2: Switch on Wish Console

View the video on your chosen device. You should be able to hear a musical track and see flashing symbols.

If you want to take advantage of the track’s ability to put you into the optimal manifestor’s zone, listen to the track. Otherwise, if you don’t want to listen to it, you can keep the volume minimal, at its lowest setting if you want.

*Note: If you’re using your phone, you may want to turn it on to Silent Mode so you don’t get distracted with a phone call or message!

For the best, distraction-free experience, switch to Full Screen mode.

Step 3: Settle in and relax for a moment

Close your eyes. Clear your mind. Breathe deep.

You do not have to look at your device’s screen. Keep your attention on yourself and follow the next step.

Simply let your Wish Console do its thing in the background (which is to pump magic into your atmosphere as you carry out your manifestation routine.)
One potent manifestation routine is outlined in the next step.

Step 4: Influence a real-life result through the dream world

What do things look like, now that your desire has manifested in your life? 

When you’re ready, imagine yourself enjoying or experiencing the exact, ideal end result you were looking for. As if it is happening in real-time, right in front of you. 

Think of this part as having a mental voodoo doll of your world in your mind; one that you can manipulate with imagined experiences — to manifest a real-world result. In other words, the thoughts you project here will start to make your wish a reality.

This part is all about seeing, from your own perspective, what happens as a consequence of this manifestation. Be as detailed as you want. Involve as many senses as you can during your vision, and don’t worry if they’re not representative of real life. 

In this scene, you are experiencing the fruits of your desire in real-time. Think about how your desired outcome looks, sounds, feels, smells. Reflect on how this outcome makes you feel emotionally. 

Feel — in the emotional sense of the word — like you are really experiencing the scene. Hone in on those feelings and intensify them.

Step 5: Complete 

When your session is complete, acknowledge the end of your ritual, move on, and continue with your day.


A quick run-through of how to use Wish Console to manifest desired outcomes.

1: Be clear on what you want

2: Switch on Wish Console to pump wish-granting magic into your atmosphere

3: Imagine your exact desired result happening in real-time

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Next Moves

Your work is complete. Feel free to reinforce your work any time. 

We’ll end with some 5 quick pointers that will help you unlock magic’s life-changing potential.

1. Keep it up

It’s possible to manifest incredible outcomes from just one round of this technique. Imagined experiences are extremely impactful on the psyche. That being said, repeating your “vision” experience every day can help manifest your desires faster and more reliably. 

Continue the practice of imagining daily with Wish Console, and the “realignment” of your external reality to match your inner pictures (and the emotions they inspire) will begin to take place.

2. Know precisely what you want

It seems obvious, but you must know exactly what you want before you begin.

It’s not enough to be vague about this; you must strip back all the added layers to find that goal. If this takes a little more time, that’s okay. The quality of

the results will only reflect what you put into it. Knowing your exact intention is key to this.

3. Take your opportunities as they come

Being positive and proactive in your journey for results is crucial. A fundamental part of that is to first accept that results may arrive in all sorts of ways – ways you never thought possible. You must be ready with open arms for all manifestations and to recognize when to capitalize on your chances.

4. Focus on what really matters

It’s easy to get caught up in the means to an end, and that can send you wildly off-track. It’s best, with magic, to focus on the end result and to let your subconscious mind decide the route.

5. Step back and put things into perspective

Focusing on the result too much will make a mountain of a molehill. It will warp expectations, add pressure on a situation, and unsettle the magic. The reason for this is simple: every moment spent checking whether the magic has worked will reinforce any doubts you may have about getting that result.

The most effective way to do that is to treat the result in a nonchalant way. Remind yourself the end product isn’t the end of the world. Focus on individual components, one step at a time, that will lead to that goal. The moment you put that result on the back burner, the more likely it is to become a reality.

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Bonus Settings

There are many other ways you can use Wish Console.

General Mode

If you don’t have a specific wish, you can use Wish Console to cast a general enchantment of good luck and fortune. 

Switch on Wish Console as you close your eyes & listen, or just let it play in the background at any volume as you go about your day.

Combining Wish Console with other manifestation rituals

Wish Console can empower any intent to manifest a desire or effect. Here are a few examples of how you can use it with other approaches:

Sigil magic

Switch on Wish Console, and proceed with sigil creation & activation.

Candle magic

Switch on Wish Console, and begin your candle magic ritual.


Switch on Wish Console, and listen to your subliminals or chant your affirmations. 

Purchased tools and techniques

You can combine Wish Console with other items, including those from other sellers. Follow the item’s instructions with Wish Console switched on, playing in the background.

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