Magic Words for Manifestation

Cast Spoken Magic Spells with Verbal Sigils

Today you’ll learn how to manifest real change, by creating custom magical words known as verbal sigils.

Well, good golly! What’s a verbal sigil?

A verbal sigil is a desire, goal, or intention… masked in spoken form.

These are remarkably useful because they allow you to focus directly on your intent without your conscious mind getting in the way.

Sound good? Get yourself someplace comfortable and distraction-free. Let’s start making a spoken sigil…

Step 1: Write your intention as clear as you can

Begin by creating a clear & specific Statement of Intent, expressing the outcome in a positive way.

You’re describing the purpose of your verbal sigil.

As an example, let’s say: I AM IN A LOVING RELATIONSHIP.

If you prefer, simplify this to: LOVING RELATIONSHIP.

Step 2: Remove the repeating letters

Go through your Statement of Intent, and scrub out any repeat letters.

In LOVING RELATIONSHIP, the repeated letters (L, I, O, N, I) are removed like so:


Now on to the fun part…

Step 3: Create your magical word from the remaining letters/sounds

Aiming to disguise the original Statement of Intent, we’ll construct an abstract form so that it can reach the subconscious.

Arrange the remaining letters (LOVING REASHP) to create a pronounceable mantra.

Some ideas:

– Combine/scramble/re-arrange letters, syllables, pieces of sound
– Add vowel sounds as needed
– Write things backwards

Here’s one possible way you can create a spoken sigil using these letters:

1) Separate each of the syllables


2) Transform as needed

ING | RE | VOL (LOV backwards) | SHIPAY

3) Glue the pieces together, and finalize your verbal sigil


Keep it simple. Make sure you’re able to pronounce it.

Take the time to make a spoken sigil that feels good and resonates with you.

Other possibilities:



Step 4: Cast your verbal sigil

You’ve now created a verbal sigil that you can now vocalize as a personal affirmation or mantra… one that adds power to your spell with every repetition.

This step is pretty much up to you and how you want to use your spell.

I’ll quickly go through a few ways you can cast your sigil. The idea here is to clear your thoughts for a split second while vocalizing your verbal sigil…

Simple casting ritual for activating a verbal sigil

1) Get comfortable and into a relaxed state
2) Close your eyes (if you want to)
3) Vocalize your verbal sigil as a mantra or affirmation


While focused on something physical like running or weight-lifting, repeat your spoken sigil as a mantra or affirmation.

Continuous loop (audio)

Record your verbal sigil, loop it (have it on repeat), and listen back (on its own or incorporated with music).


Repeat your verbal sigil in a trance-like way (or as you wish) in your current meditation routine.

After this step, let go and move on. Your work has been done.

…And that’s how you create a verbal sigil to help you hack reality

You’re about 10 minutes away from casting a spell using a spoken sigil!

Start out with something that’s not too emotionally demanding or something you consciously don’t care about much. See how verbal sigils work on a small goal, and then progress from there.

Follow the steps and make it happen today…

1) Write a clear & specific statement of intent
2) Remove the repeating letters
3) Craft a new word by transforming the remaining letters/sounds
4) Vocalize your magical word as a mantra

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