How to make verbal sigils

How to create verbal sigils and magic mantras

We’ve previously discussed how to manifest a range of outcomes by creating and using magical symbols called graphic sigils. This process is called sigil magic.

Sigil magic is about using symbols to embed magical intent into the subconscious mind — the driving force behind your manifestation abilities.

Although using graphic sigils is definitely the most popular kind of sigil magic around, it’s not the only way to go about it.

Today you’ll learn how to manifest real change with acoustic sigils, specifically verbal sigils (or mantra.)

What is a verbal sigil?

A verbal sigil is a unique ‘made-up’ word or phrase that represents your desire. Reciting or chanting your verbal sigil, in a meditative state, you can effectively implant your magical intent into your subconscious, without your conscious mind getting in the way.

How to make a spoken sigil

Step 1: Create your magical intent

What do you want?

Describe the purpose of your verbal sigil.

Write down your desired outcome. Your magical intent describes a specific end result, uses positive language, and is framed in the present tense.

If I was looking for a girlfriend, for example, I could write: I am in a loving relationship.

I can also drop the prefixes and simplify this to: Loving relationship

Step 2: Turn it into a new word or phrase

Your verbal sigil shouldn’t sound like your original intent.

So, add or remove letters, combine or shuffle selected parts, and simplify until you have a new word or phrase.

Get creative with this and do what feels right for you until you’re happy with the result. Pronunciation is entirely up to you. The most important thing is to ensure you verbal sigil will be easily spoken as a new word or phrase. Of course, the hidden meaning will be registered each time it’s spoken.

1) For example:


I decide to take out just the repeat letters for now:


2) I break it apart into syllables:


3) I shuffle them around:


4) Alter some of them by cutting or adding letters:


5) Refine:


6) Glue the pieces back together, forming a unique, pronounceable word:


Step 3: Implant your mantric sigil into your deep mind

With your mantric sigil now ready to go, it’s time to implant it into your subconscious.

This step is equivalent to gazing into a graphic sigil:

1) Sit down in a comfortable spot, focus on your breathing, wind down slowly.

2) Recite your verbal sigil, speaking it as just a ‘made-up’ word or phrase.

Optional extra routine

Much like keeping graphic sigils somewhere you can unconsciously process them, for further reinforcement, you may chant your mantric sigil during meditation or general relaxation.

You could also use mantric sigils to double-down on embedding a regular graphic sigil. Recite your mantra as you gaze into the graphic sigil.

Follow the steps and make it happen today

1) Write down your desire: a specific end result, using positive language and the present tense.

2) Morph it into a unique word or phrase.

3) Recite your verbal sigil, in a meditative state, to effectively implant your magical intent into your subconscious, able to make that desire a reality.