Creating a statement of desire that works for your magical intent

Your subconscious works in specific ways, so you must ‘talk to it’ in specific ways too

Whatever you’re into: sigil magic, mental imagery, verbal sigils, or candle magic, all manifestation techniques begin here, in deciding what you want to achieve.

This is known as creating a statement of intent, or magic intent, or sentence of desire.

Given that our minds react to certain methods more than others, this isn’t something that happens without genuine consideration. There are some hard and fast rules about the psychology of the human subconscious, and following those rules is advisable if you want good results.

How to write a statement of intent

Set a clear goal

Your desired outcome must be specific and brief.

For example:

I am incredibly confident with women

Use positive words

The subconscious mind will miss out modifiers and focus on the active words of any sentence you construct. That means:

I have a satisfying job works better than I am not unemployed

Use the present tense

Act as though your desire is already true. That way, your mind will not save the desire for later, it will make it happen right now. The more you feel that desire has happened, the more likely it will become a reality:

I own a bike is preferable to I will own a bike

Using the future tense allows your mind to easily escape the problem by leaving it to a future time. When you frame something in the present tense, you force your mind to examine the statement as if it’s already true, real, and happening now.

Describe the final state

Don’t limit your options. Be ambitious and be certain of the exact outcome your mind will register, and what you really want.

Let’s say you were looking for your ideal apartment:

I live in a two bedroom modern apartment is much stronger than I find a two bedroom modern apartment advertised online

One disadvantage of using I FIND is that you’re blocking the possibility of anyone else – like your friends, family, or someone you meet – somehow leading you to an apartment that could be right for you. Additionally, the phrase ADVERTISED ONLINE keeps your apartment hunt restricted to the internet! Overall, the statement is focused more on the idea of finding an apartment, rather than the desire itself: living in it.

Focusing on the ‘how’ aspect of the desire is one of the most common mistakes made when crafting a magical intent.

Be direct with your desired result, rather than describe one possible means to it. Remember that there are more possibilities than you’re consciously aware of, and your subconscious mind will manage what needs to take place in order for you to actualize your desired outcome. Without you having to worry about it.

Drop the prefixes (optional)

It’s not essential for your magical intent to have the likes of “I AM” or
“I HAVE”. Trust that your subconscious will know what you mean, anyway, without them.

I am in a loving relationship can become simply Loving relationship

Know the consequences

When you start any journey, it’s best to know what your destination is. Most importantly, that’s to make sure you’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

Imagining how your desire will play out is key before you decide on how your statement should read. As the subconscious is a powerful force, you should be careful what you wish for.

Using your statement of intent

You’ve learned that a magical intent concisely describes one specific end result, using the present tense and positive language. It’s your desired result, phrased in a way that is most effective for your subconscious mind to take action on.

So how do you put your shiny new magical intent to good use?

As mentioned before, crafting a statement of intent is the important first step of any manifestation routine. Next, learn how to manifest that magical intent:

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