Making sigils that actually manifest

Learn how to create & launch sigils

Sigil magic is one of the simplest (and most effective) forms of magic that can be used to manifest a wide variety of outcomes, including changing your behaviors, attracting golden opportunities, and securing material desires.

In this quick, practical sigil magic guide for beginners, you’ll learn:

how sigil magic works
how to draw a sigil
how to launch or charge a sigil
how to get good results with sigil magic

Before we get into the step-by-step sigil magic method to manifest your desires, let’s go through a few key fundamentals that will help you understand what’s actually going on when you perform sigil magic.

How sigil magic works

🧠 When the infinite power of the subconscious gets put to work behind the scenes, a person quickly manifests their intent in big ways.

Your subconscious mind is the driving force behind your manifestation abilities. All manifestation practices are simply methods for embedding conscious desires upon your subconscious mind.

🔊 Speak to your subsconscious mind in the language it understands.

If you want to talk to your subconscious in the most direct way possible, symbols are the way to go. That’s because the native language of our subconscious is the language of symbolism. This is where sigils come in.

🔣 Wish-granting symbols.

A sigil is a symbol of your desire. Making sigil magic work for you is about transforming your magical intent into a symbol that your subconscious mind will process and act on.

How to draw a sigil

Create your magical intent

What do you want?

Write down your desired outcome. Your magical intent or “statement of desire” concisely describes a specific end result, uses positive language, and is framed in the present tense.

Example time: Let’s say we own an online store selling books, and we have the humble target of selling 5 books each day. One possible statement could be:


Take out any unwanted vowels and repeat letters

A sigil should, ideally, look nothing like the statement. Removing any vowels or duplicate letters will reduce how similar the sigil looks to the original statement, and will make it easier to draw neatly

Removing all the vowels & repeat letters from our statement, FIVE BOOK SALES EACH DAY, we’d end up with:


Turn the remaining letters into a symbol (sigil)

The remaining letters will form your sigil: the symbol to be implanted into your subconscious. Get creative with this and ensure your symbol will be looked at as a picture, not a set of letters.

Of course, the hidden meaning of the symbol will be registered each time it’s looked at.

Here’s one way to draw a sigil:

1. Some people like to start by merging the letters together in some way:

Drawing a sigil from a statement of intent

2. Start refining:

Drawing a sigil for sigil magic

3. Add some simple embellishments if you want to. Keep refining your sigil until you come up with something you like the look and feel of. Go through as many drafts as you like.

Sigil Magic

How to launch or charge a sigil

It’s now time to implant that sigil into your subconscious mind.

Sit down in a comfortable spot, focus on your breathing, and wind down slowly. Gaze at the symbol without straining, taking it in as a picture alone.

How to get good results with sigil magic

So what should you do with your sigil once you’ve charged it?

When you’ve activated your sigil, keep it in a place where it can be processed unconsciously. Here are a few good ideas:

• Put it on your bedroom wall
• Stick it to a bathroom mirror or a window
• Snap and save it as your phone’s home-screen
• Put it next to your TV or computer monitor
• Make it the logo for your business (if appropriate)

And that’s how you do sigil magic!

Once you’ve lodged a magical intent into your subconscious, it will do the work for you. That’s because, with the idea planted in there, your goal will begin to manifest.

Indeed, sigils can produce an incredibly broad set of results: from emerging in your dreams, to changing your behaviors, to creating timely and opportune circumstances.

You will only need to look at that outcome, when you arrive at it, to understand the full extent of the mysterious forces at work.

That’s really all there is to it. If you’d like to go deeper, check out our detailed sigil magic lesson inside Magic Is Real which includes more drawing tips and manifestation hacks, hints, and tips.