Sigil Magic (2018): How to Make a Sigil that Actually Manifests

Practical sigil magic

Sigil magic is one of the simplest (and most effective) forms of magic that can be used to manifest a wide variety of outcomes, including changing your behaviors, attracting golden opportunities, and securing material desires.

In this complete sigil magic guide for beginners, you’ll learn:

• how to use sigils to manifest your desires
• how sigils work
• how to make a sigil
• how to launch, charge, or activate a sigil
• how to get good results with sigil magic

But before we get into the step-by-step method of creating & activating your own sigils, let’s go through some key fundamentals that will help you understand what’s actually going on when you perform sigil magic.

Magic: The process of guiding the subconscious mind towards a desired result

When you produce magic, you harness the extraordinary power of your subconscious mind — the driving force behind all your manifestation abilities.

Magic, in this case, isn’t exactly elaborate robes and wands. It’s implanting ideas into the subconscious mind to steer your life in a desired direction — like a taxi driver who ultimately controls your destination, you need to give the subconscious a distinct set of instructions.

Once in there, the idea you implant in your subconscious will become a reality. You will work towards that idea without knowing it directly, and it will manifest itself in your life: a powerful force when used correctly.

On a purely practical level, tapping into this area of the mind can trigger creative methods for achieving that idea. And allowing your subconscious to begin registering the tools necessary to follow that path, it will increase your motivation to achieve the idea, and put the actions needed in motion.

But wait. There’s more…

When the infinite power of the subconscious gets put to work behind the scenes, a person quickly manifests their intent in big ways

Your subconscious mind will bring other factors into play: the people, the circumstances, the resources you’ll need on the journey to that goal.

That’s because this faculty tinkers with reality on a level you may not have considered:

“…the human mind causes minute changes in the behavior of subatomic particles and energy fields. [These changes, directed by focused intent] cause a cascade of events to occur, which ultimately result in the manifestation of the desired effect.

…there is no need to ascribe miraculous or supernatural effects to an outside agent, when they can be explained as originating from within the person or persons who desire these effects to be manifest.”

— Dave Smith
Quantum Sorcery: The Science of Chaos Magic

Your subconscious mind can influence the mechanics shaping the world around you

Once your subconscious has a clear vision of what you want, it will set you on the pathway towards making it happen. Directing you on that pathway, behind the scenes, the subconscious will configure certain events and experiences for that desired result to occur.

Indeed, when your subconscious is in full flow, events will start to happen beyond the borders of your expectations:

Opportunities. Insight. Intuition. Discovery. Behavior change. “Lucky” meetings and encounters. Well-timed, unpredicted synchronicities and coincidences will come your way, all of which will appear to be connected to your desired outcome.

You will only need to look at that outcome, when you arrive at it, to understand the full extent of the mysterious forces at work.

But how do you tell your subconscious what you want? How you implant ideas into your subconscious and get it working for you?

You have to speak to it in a language it understands:


Explaining the language of the deep mind

It’s no secret that humans communicate through language. Whether it’s English, Spanish, Mandarin, or Arabic, we thrive off the ability to use words.

That said, the way our brains make sense of the information we come across — the sights, the smells, the ideas — is slightly more primitive than that. We may use words in our day-to-day lives, but language, as we know it, is an advancement from the way our subconscious minds have always functioned.

In short, our minds don’t speak our language.

But that’s okay, our minds can understand the words we hear and say. Every time we understand a word, the mind has translated it for us, from its native tongue.

And, if you look at the way people have used prayers, chanting, and mantras for centuries, the repetition of words — or neuro-linguistic programming as we know it today — they do have the power to change our actions. It’s just that these methods take a while, and in this fast-moving world, we’ve found better ways to do that.

Of course, translating works fine, but it’s no substitute for speaking a language directly. And the native language of our subconscious is the language of symbolism: the pictures and images that these words derive from.

Every time we look at or experience an object, like a coffee cup and the smell and taste of the coffee inside it, we’re subconsciously logging those experiences as images, not words.

So, it follows that if you want talk to your subconscious in the most direct way possible, symbols are the way forward.

After all, every company has a logo. They, too, realize the power of symbols — something that taps into our subconscious minds from the moment we lay eyes on them.

Introducing the magic of the symbol

What is a sigil?

In basic terms, a sigil is a symbol of your desire. It’s whatever goal you want to achieve in a visual form that your subconscious can digest. And making sigil magic work for you is about transforming what your end game is — or your magical intent — into a symbol that your subconscious mind will understand and act on.

Sigilization: Turning your magical intent into a symbol

The way the subconscious mind processes that symbol most effectively is through something called the alpha zone.

Although it sounds sci-fi, it’s actually that feeling of deep relaxation you get from being between asleep and awake, and it’s a powerful way to access the subconscious.

Be it through waking in the early hours of the morning, or through dedicated meditation, the barriers of the subconscious (called the subconscious membrane) come tumbling down when you experience it. And you absorb a lot more information while in the alpha zone — something you can use to your advantage.

Once you’ve lodged that magical intent into your subconscious, it will do the work for you. That’s because, with the idea planted in there, your goal will begin to manifest.

Indeed, sigils can produce an incredibly broad set of results: from emerging in your dreams, to changing your behaviors, to creating timely and opportune circumstances. All of that — and more — can be achieved through these steps…

1) Writing your magical intent on a piece of paper
2) Turning that statement into an abstract symbol (referred to as a sigil)
3) Placing that symbol into the subconscious (via the alpha zone)

This is how to do it…

How to make a sigil

To do sigil magic, all you’ll need is a few sheets of paper and a pen. No special tools, no dressing up in flowing robes, or growing a beard down to your knees. And even better, you can do it right in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create your magical intent

Write down what you truly want

Magic starts with stating your desired outcome. This is known as your magical intent, or statement of desire.

At this step, write down your magical intent on a piece of paper.

And when you do, make sure it’s in the most precise way possible for maximum effect and to avoid any misfiring. The mind is a strange beast, and our subconscious works in specific ways, so you have to ‘program’ it in specific ways as well.

If you need a refresher on how to do this, simply click to our article on how to craft an effective statement of intent.

Here’s a recap:

• Set a clear goal
• Use positive words
• Use the present tense
• Describe the final state
• Know the consequences
• Optional: Drop the prefixes, like “I HAVE” or “I AM”


would be much better than

Step 2: Remove any clutter

Cut out any unwanted vowels and repeated letters

Make your sigils as simple as possible and clear the unneeded clutter. Any vowels or duplicate letters can go. This will reduce how similar the sigil looks to the original statement, and will make the thing easier to draw neatly.

A sigil should, ideally, look nothing like the statement; it should as much a symbol as possible, so it can be recognized by the subconscious as only that. Because, as we remember, words take longer to process.

Let’s use, as an example, the magical intent: I WORK FOR A BANK:

Here, vowels I, O, and A, and repeated letters R and K are removed, leaving six letters.

Tip: Although most people do remove vowels & repeat letters, this is actually an optional step that simply makes it easier to turn your written desire into an abstract symbol. You may, at times, feel it helps to have more letters to work with, perhaps when you have shorter magical intents like “LOVE” or “LUCK.” Always remember that there are no strict rules for creating a symbol – this is entirely up to you.

Step 3: Create a magic symbol

Draw it up and draw it well

The remaining letters will form your sigil: the object to be implanted into your subconscious. Get creative with this and ensure your symbol will be looked at as a picture, not a set of letters.

Of course, the hidden meaning of the symbol will be registered each time it’s looked at.

Ideas for creating a symbol from your magical intent:

On a new piece of paper, mesh the remaining letters into an abstract symbol, and amend this until it feels right and looks pleasing to you. Take your time and go through as many drafts as you like.

You could:

• Combine the lines and loops of letters
• Simplify letters
• Link letters in new and interesting ways
• Turn letters upside down
• Write letters in reverse
• Refine your symbol
• Add features like lines, arrows, stars, circles, dots, swoops

There are no rules for creating a symbol from your remaining letters. Whatever works for you is what works. This step will be different for everyone. What’s important is that the end result feels good to you. It should resonate with you somehow, and feel impressive when you look at it.

Continuing with our example, I WORK FOR A BANK, the goal here is to morph the remaining letters – W, R, K, F, N, K – into a magical symbol. Here’s one example showing how that process might look:

1) On a separate sheet of paper, write down the remaining letters:

2) Use the letters as building blocks to start creating a sigil:

3) Get creative with it and refine the symbol until it looks & feels good:

How to activate a sigil

Step 4: Embed your sigil

Implant that sigil into your deep mind

With your sigil now ready to go, it’s time to implant it into your subconscious.

The idea here is to relax, to reach the alpha state we talked about; where your mind can easily absorb the subliminal information your sigil already has within it.

And even if you’ve forgotten that implicit message already, you can be sure that your subconscious certainly won’t.

Here goes:

1) Place your symbol somewhere you can see it, the closer the better.
2) Sit down in a comfortable spot, focus on your breathing, wind down slowly.
3) Gaze at the symbol without straining, taking it in as a picture alone.

In this relaxed state, you’ll be opening up what we referred to as the subconscious membrane –– the walls of your subconscious.

As you do that, the desire in the original statement you wrote will, in its new symbol form, float gently into the corridors of your deep mind. This trance-like state, where you focus on the symbol and nothing else, uninterrupted, will embed your magical intent and begin your journey to achieving that desire.

Take as much time as you need with this. After all, magic can change your life if you just let it –– and that should be enough to know not to rush.

What’s next?

Leave your sigil somewhere you can process it

The hard work is complete. Your sigil is embedded and you’re already moving towards that goal, even if you’re not aware of it. The only thing left to do is to put that sigil in a place where it can be recognized unconsciously.

Known in neuroscience circles as low attention processing, this is the way we become influenced by advertising messages even if we aren’t fully aware of them. The same principle applies to sigil magic –– and finding a good home for that sigil will allow that to take place properly. Here are a few good ideas:

• Put it on your bedroom wall
• Stick it to a bathroom mirror or a window
• Put it on your fridge
• Snap and save it as your phone’s home screen
• Put it next to your TV or computer monitor
• Stick it to your purse or wallet
• Make it your screensaver
• Keep it in your car
• Make it the logo for your business (if appropriate)
• Upload it as your social media avatar

The idea is to put the sigil somewhere you’ll see it regularly. And if you haven’t used your car in six months, maybe rethink putting it in there. Over time, the chances are you’ll consciously forget what your sigil means. Interestingly enough, that’s the best outcome. When you view it as a symbol alone, your subconscious does its best work to manifest your magical intent.

Others have recommended ritualizing the destruction of the sigil, by burning it or locking it away for a later date, but it’s recommended you keep them around until you’re happy with the results.

If you’re interested in finding out more about why you shouldn’t burn or destroy your sigils, check out Gordon White’s article: Destroying Your Sigils – A Huge Mistake?

As always, the best thing to do is experiment. Like all magic, the ritual surrounding the core process can be deeply personal, and what works for one person might not work for another. Just remember to follow the steps we’ve presented, and you can be in control of your own personal sigils pretty much as soon as you’ve finished reading this.

And there you have it. You’ve now learned how to make a sigil.

So what are you waiting for? What you truly desire is closer today than it’s ever been. Grab a pen and get started!

Your sigil magic questions answered

What is a sigil?

A sigil is a symbol of your desire.

What is sigil magic?

Using symbols to embed magical intent into the subconscious mind.

What is sigilization?

The process of turning an intent into a symbol (sigil).

What is a statement of desire (or magical intent)?

Your desire phrased in a way that is most effective for your subconscious mind to process and take action on. A magical intent concisely describes one specific end result, using the present tense and positive language.

Why do sigils work?

Your subconscious speaks in symbols. When you create & activate a sigil, you’re essentially sending a specific message to your subconscious mind, able to make that wish come true.

How do sigils work?

Sigils work by increasing the chances of a desired event occurring. For example, if your goal is to be in a loving relationship with a woman, sigil magic, when properly used, can give you a better chance of that happening.

Should I burn my sigils?

Generally, no. As you learned, you should keep them around so you can you process them unconsciously.

Why do you remove the vowels and repeat letters when making a sigil?

This simply reduces how similar the sigil looks to the original statement, and will make the thing easier to draw neatly.

A sigil should, ideally, look nothing like the statement; it should as much a symbol as possible, so it can be recognized by the subconscious as only that. Because, as we remember, words take longer to process.

I’ve seen a lot of sigils posted on Tumblr and Pinterest. Can I use those instead of making my own?

It’s waaay more effective to make your own.

What is magic?

Often spelled as “magick,” magic is the process of guiding the subconscious mind towards a desired result.

What is manifestation or manifesting a desire?

Making your desired outcome a reality.

What is the subconscious mind?

Also known as “the deep mind”, your subconscious the driving force behind your manifestation abilities. When you do magic, you harness the extraordinary power of your subconscious mind.

Where can I can learn more about sigil magic?

You’ve got absolutely everything you need to get started with sigil magic in this article. But here are a few other highly recommended sources:

• Excommunicate’s article: Basics in sigil creation or the only magic guaranteed to work

• A book specifically about sigil magic, “Practical Sigil Magic” by Frater U.D.

• Our manifestation course for beginners, “Magic is Real”, takes you through basic and advanced sigil magic strategies, new sigil creation techniques, alternative sigil types, how to increase your magical proficiency, other magical techniques, how to craft the perfect statement of intent for your sigil, and much more.

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