How to make your sigils look and feel better

When drawing symbols for sigil magic, you should try your best to make a sigil that’s somewhat aesthetically pleasing and feels good to use.

Here are three sigil creation tips that can help you with that:

1. Upgrade your sigil magic drawing tool

2. Use photo enhancement apps for sigil magic

3. De-letter, disguise, refine your symbol

Use these suggestions to improve any symbols you’ve created before, or start to work with them next time you create a new sigil.

Upgrade your sigil magic drawing tool

This sounds incredibly basic and obvious — and it is: What you use to draw your sigil has a big impact on how you’ll perceive it.

Next time, instead of a regular pen or pencil, how about using:

• A charcoal pencil (a personal favourite)

• A thick black Sharpie

• A paintbrush (with paint, of course)

• A gold or silver paint pen (on a black background looks awesome)

Use photo-enhancement apps for sigil magic

Take your sigil enhancement one step further with Prisma: a free, easy-to-use tool that can instantly transform any lifeless symbol into a little work of art. 

Prisma is available on Google Play and the App Store. We love it because it’s super quick and doesn’t require any image editing skills whatsoever!

Here’s how to get the best out of Prisma for your sigil magic:

1. Draw your sigil on a piece of paper

2. Take a focused, close-up shot of your sigil using your phone’s camera

3. Put your photo through one of the filters on the Prisma App

Prisma sigil magic tips

• Tap “Library” to view all of Prisma’s filters, and experiment with settings until you see something you like. 

• Drawing your sigil over colours, patterns, or images related to your intent can have interesting effects when processed through Prisma.

• You can activate your new sigil on screen or print it out.

De-letter, disguise, refine your symbol

When drawing your sigil, keep in mind a few things that can really help make it look like a real symbol instead of letters randomly bunched together.

• Take advantage of letters within letters. For example, the letter M is constructed with letters I and V (— IVI, see it?) This is super useful when you’re working with longer statements of intent.

• Use embellishments, like dots, lines, and shapes.

• Disguise letters by drawing them in unique ways from the very beginning.

• Simplify features as needed.

Make better looking sigils

So there you have it: a few ideas for creating a magical, beautiful sigil. Try them out for yourself next time you do sigil magic.

Happy sigil making!

P.S. If all of this interests you but you don’t know what a sigil is, you’ll first want to read the article on how to do sigil magic.