extraOddinary X professional speculators

extraOddinary has teamed up with a top London-based trading group to bring market players everything they need to level up their trading game.

Speculator — Subliminals and audio spells to improve your trading business

EDGE — Video spell for trading success

Diamond Wolf — Ultra blend to sharpen your trading edge

The Speculator’s Bundle — A magical collection curated for market players


Make better trading decisions

From the subliminal sorcery collection: A subliminal magic remix for general wealth-building, improving your financial destiny, and elevating your trade execution skills and mental game (psychology.)

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Create trading success

From the video spell collection: A ready-to-unlock enchantment for trading profits, better technical execution, and general wealth-building. Perfect for any-level trader and investor in their pursuit of market mastery.

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Diamond Wolf

Sharpen your trading edge

From the ultra blends collection: A done-for-you enchantment combining advanced servitors, magic spells, and a video sigil to help you trade the financial markets profitably.

Learn more about Diamond Wolf.

The Speculator’s Bundle

A magical collection curated for market players

Speculator MP3 track

EDGE video spell

Diamond Wolf ultra blend

Free powerful magic extras

• Subliminal Sorcery Track: Minted (Money and Business)

• Magic is Real: Manifestation Guide (Use for wealth magic and trading enhancements)

• Sigils of Excellence: Millionaire, Entrepreneur, Treasure, Challenger, Champion, Limitless

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