Ultra Blends User Guide

Ultra Blends are made up of magic spells and personal servitor and a video sigil to enhance the effects. Here’s some more information to get the best out of your ultra blend.

Magic Spells and Servitors

You’ll receive an email within 1-2 business days to schedule your ultra blend.

Your ultra blend, like regular magic spells, is done for you and designed to work on auto-pilot.

This makes things a lot easier: You don’t have to be actively involved in the process; things will automatically adjust to your specific desires, according to the blend you’ve chosen.

If you need a reminder of what your blend does, have a look at the ultra blends descriptions.

Video Sigil Activation

You’ll get a link to view your video sigil as soon as you’ve chosen your ultra blend.

Activating the optional sigil will enhance the effects of your servitor and magic spells that make up your ultra blend.

You can do this once to empower the manifestation work, anytime before or after the spells are cast. You’ll get the same effect either way.

Simple instructions for activating the sigil:

1. Press play on your video sigil

Settle down and relax for a moment. Deep breaths. Chill. Whenever you’re ready, hit play. 

This is all visual, so it’s totally optional if you want to grab a pair of headphones and listen to the relaxing theta waves binaural beats. 

Tip: For a better, distraction-free viewing experience, switch to Full Screen mode before you hit play.

2. Keep your attention on the sigil

While the video is playing, focus on the flashing symbol in the middle. The video length is about a minute, 77-seconds to be exact — not too long.

3. Sigil Activated!

You only need to do this once, but you can come back any time you feel like a refresh.

Choose from 5 powerful ultra enchantments:

💰 Black Cobra — A wealth spell for profit-minded manifestors

💋 Dark Chemistry — Ignite genuine burning desire in people you’re attracted to

Unshaded Pathways — Materialize your deepest desires in unseen ways

🏆 Sky Roads — Fame, renown, influence

🐺 Diamond Wolf — Trade the financial markets profitably