Quick Start: Burning Desire features three ways to manifest the relationship of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for your soulmate or a fling, use the simple love & sex manifestation rituals inside to make it happen. The simplest way approach is to play the magically programmed digital love candle and imagine experiencing your ideal relationship.

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Part One: Burning Desire

Part Two: Bind Us

Part Three: Love Totems

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Part One: Burning Desire

Cast Love & Sex Magic Spells Using the Virtual Candle Programmed for Romantic Purposes

The idea here is to use the magically programmed, virtual love candle and imagine yourself in a steamy sex scene with your ideal match — paying special attention to how they respond to your magic touch during foreplay.

When doing this love spell, it might be helpful to think of the person in your mind as a life-sized voodoo doll that you can manipulate, as you wish, to manifest the real-life response you want.

Simply follow the instructions, imagining the scene with your ideal lover; the kind of person you wish to attract into your life.

If you have any features you want them to have, feel free to incorporate them into any of your imagined scenes. Otherwise, for a broader range of results, you don’t have to get very specific with their characteristics. Feel free to improvise.

Step 1: Set your magical intent

Before you begin, figure out exactly what you want.

You can simply think about this for a moment or write it down, clearly and concisely.

• Set one clear goal 

• Use positive words 

• Use the present tense 

• Describe the final state

Some examples:

I am in a loving relationship

Multiple sex partners

Always sexually desired

Step 2: Press play to light your candle

Ensure you’re in a distraction-free spot where you can relax and feel comfortable.

View Burning Desire from a comfortable distance on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. You should be able to see a red burning candle and hear a music track playing in the background.

If you want to take advantage of the track’s ability to put you into the ideal manifestor’s state, listen to the track. Otherwise, if you don’t want to listen to it, you can keep the volume minimal, at its lowest setting if you want.

• Note 1: Burning Desire was designed for use anywhere, in any setting, so doing your ritual in a room with low light or even complete darkness is optional. That said, doing candle magic in the dark is a different experience, and will probably enhance your focus and the overall feel for your magical work. Why not give it a try once and see how you feel about it(?)

• Note 2: If you’re using your phone, you may want to turn it on to Silent Mode or turn off notifications so you don’t get distracted by a phone call or message!

• Note 3: Go into full screen mode for the best viewing experience.

Step 3: Focus on the flame. Soak in the sounds.

Clear your mind and breathe deep as you effortlessly sink into a deep level of relaxation.

Close your eyes whenever you are relaxed and ready to continue.

Step 4: Touch them erotically; drive deep arousal

It’s time to imagine, or daydream, a hot erotic encounter between you and your target. This is going to be fueled by two things: your mental touch, and their response to it. 

Do this for about 10 minutes.

Your touch:

The important thing to remember here is to not get caught up in your scene’s picture-quality or “vividness.”

The emphasis is on your mental touch and how it is arousing the person you desire. You want to imagine what your hand actually feels like when it touches the other person. It’s all about the feeling, not just seeing your hand touch them.

You might want to practice mentally touching things. Try it now: What does a rock, orange, or leather sofa mentally feel like(?) Experiment and feel it in your mind.

Their arousal:

How would you get someone turned on? 

Play with the mental voodoo doll in your mind. So what that means is:

Focus your mental touches on your target’s arousal areas: neck, lips, nipples, penis/vagina, and so on. Caress their face, their tummy. Feel their smooth skin.

While stimulating their genitals (most probably with your hands, but tongue would work too), pay attention to their most likely reactions: especially their wetness/hardness. 

Other typical responses include raised heart rate, breathing, temperature, but you’re okay just focusing on what you find easier to imagine.

Take your time. Explore all sensual parts of their body, ultimately focusing on their vagina/penis. Observe how “turned on” they’re becoming because of each stroke and touch. Feel their burning desire for you growing. 

(Optional) Step 3: Supplementary scene

Reflect on what your ideal relationship looks like, outside the bedroom. 

If you want a deep relationship with this person, think about the kind of things you will enjoy together, and how that makes you feel emotionally.

This could be as simple as holding hands in the park, watching TV, playing volleyball on the beach, having a dinner date at your favourite restaurant, make out sessions. It all works.

Imagine this scene for about 5 minutes after you’ve finished bedroom playtime in Step 2.

Extra tips for effective love magic:

• It doesn’t matter where the sex happens; this could be anywhere: your home, their place, a hotel room, the beach, wherever. Your home is probably the most familiar place to you; always good to keep it simple.

• Focus on application, not perfection. If you’ve read lengthy works on this subject before, you may be worried about not doing the methods properly ( — because of all the things you supposedly need to “get right” for it to work.) Take out the trash; light up your virtual candle; and follow the simple instructions here. If required, your skills will become more refined over time. You’ve got this.

• Remember, this isn’t a future feeling or a “wish.” You want to feel as if this is happening now, in real-time, in the present moment.

• It’s okay for you to feel turned on imagining your scene, but try to not masturbate. It may feel helpful and “ritualistic”, but getting yourself to orgasm is too much of a multi-task and takes your attention away from what actually matters. There are sex magic practices that involve masturbation, this isn’t one of them.

• The methods will present real-life opportunities for your desire to manifest. Expect strange coincidences and clear opportunities to make it happen.

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Part Two: Bind Us

The KAOS Love Machine

Bind Us, included in your download package, is a charmed board designed to attract your ideal partner/relationship.

Simply fill in the blank boxes with the required information, and let the magic work to bind you and your target together and fulfil your request.

How to use your KAOS Love Machine

1. Print your KAOS Machine

Open the image file called Bind Us, and get it out onto a piece of paper of any size.

Tip: It’s recommended you print this out so you can easily write on it. If you’re working with this digitally, you’ll need an image-editing app to fill it with the required details.

2. Light up your Love Candle

Playing the candle for the remainder of this process can help you get in the zone and enhance your magical working. 

3. Complete the box on the left

This blank space is for your name and date of birth. Feel free to use a picture (but this is optional.)

4. Complete the box on the right

Use the box on the right to write down your magical intent. (Some tips and guidelines can be found on page 4 (“Step 1: Set your magical intent.”) 

If you have any desired characteristics, feel free to note those down. There’s plenty of space here to be creative and descriptively express your intent and ideal relationship here.

Next steps:

Your work is complete. Keep your board somewhere safe, wherever you want; it can be somewhere you can see every day or hidden away. 

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Love Totems

Personal Magic Love Symbols

Love Totems has been excluded from this online User Guide. Access the PDF guide using the download link sent to your email address.

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Manifest the woman (or man) of your dreams

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