Supercharge your sorcery

Master sigils are designed to make your magic more successful and boost your ability to attract more opportunities, luck, synchronicities that lead you towards achieving your goals.

We talked about this in our manifestation course, Magic is Real:

“Not only are they powerful, but essential to incorporate into your magic practice at some stage.”

The ever-growing power of our own master sigils, made over 20 years ago, has helped achieve huge results for thousands. And now six of our most favorite ones are available for the first time.

🔌 Extra voltage for your voodoo

We digitalized the original two-decade-old charcoal-drawn symbols, and then polished them up for you to keep on your device or easily print on paper.

Master Sigil #1: Always Get What Is Desired

This master sigil was created with the intent all of what is desired manifests, no matter what. It encapsulates the ultimate end goal for all manifestors. It’s used in our magic spells process, and actively powered by thousands of magicians & manifestors in a world-wide magical network.

Master Sigil #2: Maximum Manifestation Pathways

Manifestation pathways are every single way your goal is achievable. This master sigil was created for opening more possibilities for whatever desired result you’re working on.

Master Sigil #3: Optimum Magical Thinking

This master sigil is based on removing all doubt and helps you manifest desires with precision & success.

Master Sigil #4: Sigils Always Fulfill Their Purpose

This master sigil further enhances the manifestation odds of all other sigils you create yourself or use, including all KAOS master sigils and charms contained within this package.

Master Sigil #5: Visualizations Manifest Always

The first step to all magic is thinking about your desired result. This master sigil attaches magical weight to such thoughts, including visualizations, daydreams, and the quick mental exercises outlined in this guide.

Master Sigil #6: Ever-Growing Magical Influence

This master sigil aims to continually expand your capacity to make magical impact. This includes the sigils you use or create yourself, your thoughts & visualizations, as well as all KAOS master sigils and charms contained within this package.

🧲 Pull more magical results

Along with the 6 master sigils, you have six magic charms steering you towards more favorable outcomes, achieving success, and unexpected fortunate events & circumstances.

These are specifically linked to:

• Luck & fortune
• Unexpected miracles
• Synchronicities
• Opportunities
• Success
• Magical results

Switch on the magic and make a wish

Included inside is a quick 5-page PDF guide with simple step-by-step instructions showing you how to easily access the power of your master sigils and charms.

Use this to boost your current magical practice, or continue with the simple manifestation technique used to create a wide variety of magical results: changing your behaviors, attracting golden opportunities, securing material desires, and more.

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