Our work is protected.

Thousands of hours, over many years, have gone into creating the very best magical inventions and manifestation courses available.

That’s why, like some other magic shops, our work is magically protected — (not only copyright protected) — in order to prevent any kind of sharing or selling. This includes placing files or information in internet forums, social media groups, email attachments, blogs, instant messaging, file-sharing networks, and so on.

When you make a purchase on extraOddinary.com, you agree to this. A download purchased by you is intended for you only. Please don’t share any part of it.

Of course, if you’ve purchased something, feel free to use it on or on behalf of other people. There’s absolutely no problem in using products to carry out magic work with someone else involved. Feel free. You just can’t (in any way) share or sell the actual files or information included in your downloads.

If someone asks for a freebie, it’s best to kindly point them towards https://extraoddinary.com so they can get a safe and fresh copy of their own.

Thank you for supporting the creator and all future products ⚡