The killer combo for manifesting your most meaningful desires

• Ultracharm • Magic Spell • Manifestation Routine

Throw out those feeble .JPEGs,
and grab your new personalized ultracharm

Your custom built magic charm is designed & magic-ified to help you manifest your deepest desires with precision & success.

We add your personal details to the mix, and program your charm over 3 days. Once powered up and emailed to you, follow simple instructions to experience more success in manifestation.


Includes specially created manifestation spell from our core catalog…


Manifest your heart’s desires

X* helps you towards achieving your most important personal ambitions & goals, attracting success, and taking charge of the creation of your life

• Attract opportunities, meaningful coincidences, and synchronicity
• Experience more things going your way
• Get in-sync with included manifestation charm
• Overcome doubts blocking your success

Easy to get up & running

Follow clear & simple instructions inside X* Handbook to easily activate and use your personalized manifestation charm

Your one-of-a-kind manifestation charm will be sent to you in several options:

Midnight Magic


Minima Black

Minima White

…plus versions for large prints and mobile devices

Pick a crystal, any crystal

Choose an element you’d like featured on your personal manifestation charm…

Wizards Rock

Desire Stone

Miracle Gold

Get results with the step-by-step routine for setting your own wishes, or simply do your own thang

Use the suggested daily habit to tear down obstacles, attract success, and manifest your desired result. Or if you already have your own way of doing things: go ahead and use X* for boosting your current magic practice

Common Questions

Holy %$*@!& This sounds incredible.

That wasn’t a question, but … CORRECT!

What will I need?

To use your charm, you can print it out on paper (or any other material), or keep it on the screen of your computer/phone/tablet. You can also go old-skool and draw/engrave its symbol somewhere. Cherish it any way you want.

What details do you need to create my ultracharm?

Your name and date of birth. We’ll work out the rest with this information.

Although not essential, we can add further personalization if you send us a quick snap showing the palm of your hand,
or a close-up of one of your eyes.

Are there any evil spirits/demons involved? Is this witchcraft or black magic?


Is there anything to send me in the post?

Nope, there’s nothing to ship. We’ll send a link to your email address for you to download everything.

Is this a “how to do magic” course?

No. Although we guide you step-by-step through a complete manifestation routine used by magicians (and sprinkle some very helpful tips inside) … we don’t consider this a course. If you want to learn more, you might be interested in reading our blog, or check out Magic Masterclass.

Is the included manifestation technique the same as the one in your Magic Masterclass?

No. The featured technique in X* (used to focus and power up a specific wish) is an optional 10-20 minute daily routine you can use in conjunction with your charm & spell.

See it as a daily habit that clears the crap out of your way, attracts success, and brings you closer to your desired result, specific goal, the very thing what you want to experience.

Okay, I’m in. What happens next?

Awesome happens.

We’ll be in touch to start the process of crafting your ultracharm. Once we’ve confirmed some important details, your unique charm will be designed, powered up, and yours in 3 days. This will be emailed to you in several options for you to admire.

Your ultracharm will be used in the magic spells process, so we’ll schedule your X* spell around the same time. We’ll also send over the rest of your pack, including your handbook with activation instructions, hints & tips, and manifestation routine. Chat soon!

Why is it called X* ?

Let the games begin …

Got more questions?

Email us at any time over here, and we’ll get back to you soon.


Get X*


For serious magicians & manifestors

• Make giant steps with your personalized ultracharm

• X* magic spell to manifest your heart’s desires

• Achieve your most important personal ambitions and goals using the included manifestation routine (or your own magic practice)

• Includes M*gic and upcoming October Update