Thank you for your request

We’re getting started very soon…

When and what time?

We’ve sent you an email with a day and time. Casting is often scheduled for the end of the day, in your timezone around midnight/early AM. (You may or may not be asleep, and either way is okay.)

If you prefer to be awake during cast, let us know and we’ll arrange.

If your spell has a manual, we’ll send you this before casting.

What do you need from me?

To help create a great link to you, we prefer the following:

• name
• city/country
• date of birth

Pictures are not necessary.

What happens?

Based on psionic magick, remote influence, and other manifestation rituals, our energy work & spell process is:

1) Prepare
2) Set
3) Energize (“action” on the spell/”releasing it”)

4) Boost and solidify: 24 hours afterwards, I repeat the energize process and provide further magick, release the exact intent again, and empower it with my own psionics method. The transfer sets into you at a final, deeper level.

(5) It continues to grow with you.

You’ll notice we do the process once again 24 hours after. Note – your spell is 100% activated and ready by the end of the first night.

If your spell includes a servitor or field, these will be created during the first night.

Will I feel anything?

About 40% of people report experiences, during or shortly after casting.

Experiences include:

– increased energy
– subtle heat
– psychic experiences such as telepathy
– a sense of peace and clarity
– a refreshing feeling
– genuine motivation towards your intended goals
– third eye sensitivity
– falling asleep later than usual, wakefulness
– lucid dreams
– electrical interference or disruption: TV, radio, lights (rare)

What do I need to do after?

Expect success. Your spell is 100% activated and you’ll notice subtle effects grow gradually.

Need help? We’re happy to chat and answer questions.