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The Edge

Build social confidence

Break free from the fear that’s holding you back

• Stop worrying about what other people think of you
• Improve the way you see yourself
• Talk and interact with more comfort, ease, and confidence

Pricing: $79 USD


Good luck, abundance, and positive outcomes

Clover calls upon good fortune and success, and attracts the right opportunities, situations, people, and events

• Find yourself in the right place at the right time - more often
• Open the flow of prosperity and abundance
• Experience more things going your way

Pricing: $79 USD


Manifestor's mindset

Zeus is a magick/manifestation tool, energizing your thoughts and clear negative beliefs, so you can easily manifest like a master

• Manifest opportunities, situations, people, and material things
• Helps clear your mind of negative thoughts
• Make manifestation more of a passive process
• Stimulates positivity when setting and pursuing goals
• Attract chances for you to get closer to your goals

Pricing: $79 USD

Zeus + M*gic

Zeus with our magic course.

Pricing: $99 USD


Design & construct your reality

For manifestors who understand the key to bringing in a physical real-world result: Letting the wish-granting subconscious mind architect the way you’re going to get there. Continue your current practice, or use the included short manifestation PDF outlining a technique to fulfil specific desires by yourself

• Cast away sabotaging thoughts & negative feelings
• Open up manifestation pathways
• Easily plant intentions and amplify the desired effects
• Get your subconscious mind working for you
• Experience better results with visualization (or any other manifestation technique): Strange co-incidences; timely synchronistic events; luck; fortunate discoveries; out-of-the-ordinary encounters, meetings, and opportunities

Pricing: $79 USD

Architekt + M*gic

Architekt with our magic course.

Pricing: $99 USD


Become more sexually desirable

Aphrodite is a seduction & attraction spell for straight men and women

• Encourages a flow of sexually-inviting, seductive energy
• Allure and compel the opposite sex
• Build desire and ignite emotional responses within others

Pricing: $79 USD


Enhance your charisma and presence

MOJO alters the way people perceive you, so you can be seen as more approachable, safe, and "higher-status". (However this can sometimes intimidate others, especially men.) Great for use in creating relationships, attraction, and chemistry.

• Energizes your aura on a primal, sexual level
• Compel others, energetically, and subconsciously
• Clear negative beliefs and blockages
• Vibrate with alpha presence

Pricing: $79 USD


Work better, smarter, harder

Catalyst stops you from procrastinating with tasks, maximizes your productivity, and helps you get more done in less time

• Provides energy, inspiration, and motivation
• Become super productive
• Remove resistance, and propel yourself into action

Pricing: $79 USD


Radiate with happy vibes

Say goodbye to negative thoughts, and say hello to a brighter, more centered, supremely fabulous you. A happiness spell & charm, RD8 is designed to clear negative thoughts and deliver upbeat shots of happiness when you need it the most

• Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
• Dissolve toxic memories and barriers
• Inspire you with positive thoughts
• Shatter pessimism, and become more optimistic
• Help you take action in your life
• Radiate joy, peace, and contentment, that others pick up on and are naturally drawn to

Pricing: $79 USD


Develop a remarkable skill or talent

We all have an inner force that guides us towards our Life’s Task: what we are meant to accomplish in the time that we have to live. Mastery is a tool for achieving mastery of your Life’s Task

• Master a specific subject or activity
• Aquire comprehensive knowledge or skill in your chosen field
• Attract opportunities to advance and progress

Pricing: $79 USD


Develop your intelligence

Einstein builds your ability to acquire & apply knowledge and skills

• Think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, enhance memory, learn quickly
• Improve ability to reason, plan, and solve problems
Make sense of things and figure out what to do

Pricing: $79 USD


Success with subliminals

Osmosis provides the optimum state for subliminals, hypnosis, and affirmations to penetrate the unconscious mind

• Absorb subliminals faster
• Amplify the desired effects
• Clear negative beliefs and blockages

Pricing: $79 USD


Awaken in your dreams

Ariadne encourages lucid dreaming and dream control: The abilities to have & recall vivid dreams -- and while knowing you are dreaming -- consciously explore & change the elements of the dream

• Bring lucidity to help gain deeper understanding of subconscious
• Improve focus and amplify awareness while dreaming
• Heighten creativity, solve problems, and increase self-knowledge
• Be free of waking state limitations
• Dream with intention and accomplish goals in your sleep

Pricing: $79 USD

Top Dog

Get more job offers

Top Dog supports active job hunters who want to be seen as an ideal candidate after sending new job applications and scoring interviews

• Get your resume or CV noticed by recruiters & employers
• Spark interest and get interviews
• Nail the interview and leave a memorable impression

Pricing: $49 USD


Be seen as a superstar employee

Show up, shine, succeed. Get ahead at work by boosting your likability, and impressing your boss, colleagues and coworkers

• Encourages a flow of inviting, positive energy to make unforgettable impressions
• Surrounds you with a warm aura field to build likability and recognition for performance
• Creates perception of “more approachable”, and compels others energetically & subconsciously

Pricing: $79 USD

The Money Spell

Create a more fulfilling life

The Money Spell opens the door to various sources of money

• Attract more financial opportunities
• Find people/influencers/networks who will help, donate, or lend
• Discover ways to decrease debt
• Increase opportunities to make, win, or find money

Pricing: $79 USD

Da Vinci

Spark breakthrough ideas

With Da Vinci, you'll come up with game-changing ideas, find answers, and pursue fresh opportunities

• Gain insights and see things in new ways
• Identify and solve problems
• Enhance your observation and perception

Pricing: $79 USD


Unlock social fluency

Discover a new level of confidence to personally connect & interact with others, build rapport, and make friends

• Improve your communication and networking skills
• Neutralize awkward body language
• Hold longer quality conversations
• Improve your ability to react and respond
• Turn volume down on conversation anxiety

Pricing: $79 USD

Swipe Right

Rack up more matches on swipe-based dating apps

A one-of-a-kind blend of seduction, glamour, luck, and gambling magic helps single men spark new flames on the hottest online matchmaking platform

• Get more attention and attract your ideal partners for chat
• Increase the quantity & quality of your matches
• Score dates, hook-ups, or a girlfriend. Whatever your goal

Pricing: $79 USD


Become the next big thing

ICON supports anyone who's actively aiming for fame or recognition for their work

• Get more attention and increase popularity/fans
• Clear negative beliefs and blockages holding you back
• Attract meaningful opportunities/relevant people that help you advance in your chosen field or career

Pricing: $79 USD


Business success

Tycoon is a modified version of the above ICON, made specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners

• Turn more visitors into paying clients/customers
• Get more attention and increase popularity
• Clear negative beliefs and blockages holding you back
• Attract meaningful opportunities/relevant people that help advance your business

Pricing: $79 USD


More wins for unlucky gamblers

Bet on Joker to manipulate games of chance in your favor. Keeping the optional servitor close-by, gamesters & high-rollers can get even better "gut feelings", and make more right choices in play

• Improve your gambling luck and skills
• Increase probability/chances to win
• Rely less on systems and hope
• "Read" more accurately and reduce time making decisions

Pricing: $79 USD


Manifest the relationship of your dreams

Take control of your romantic destiny, and bring in your ideal life partner who will love, cherish, and adore you

• Attract genuine romantic love into your life
• Encounter perfect candidates, quality opportunities, and more
• Open the flow of love, luck, and possibilities
• Get the love you truly desire and deserve

Pricing: $79 USD


Makeover your dating/sex life

A broader, spicier alternative to the above Moonsong spell

• Enjoy (emotionally and sexually) satisfying relationships
• Attract better dates and more chance meetings
• Encounter sexual opportunities
• Get clear indicators of interest from ideal potential partners
• Meet quality people you click with

Pricing: $79 USD

The Effect

Go from stranger to her new crush

Confidently approach, effortlessly charm, and make a sparkling impression that earns trust & turns her on

• Find out more about The Effect

Price: $95 USD


One wish

Choose wisely. Strictly one per lifetime

Miracle simplifies "complex" manifestations and forcefully reaches for your topmost desire, through three aggressive magick practices (performed by three specialists)

• Manifest your personal life-goal, ambition, dream, desire
• Make giant steps towards making a specific wish come true
• Attract the things you need to advance and make it happen

Price: $99 USD

Custom Spell

Design a highly personalized spell with a pro

Based on the same techniques used in our magic spells, a custom spell is a good choice if you’re looking for something more specific outside of the core catalog

• Custom spell for a precise goal or desire
• Two strategic spells address specific key steps towards manifesting your overall goal or intended experience

Once you’ve decided your custom work, we’ll strategize and discuss further details with you until you're happy for us to carefully craft your personalized work. Please email first to discuss custom spells.

Pricing: $79 USD

Manifestation Master

The classic combo for serious manifestors & magicians looking to go Beast Mode

Manifestation Master is a wonderfully varied pack full of special manifestation spells, magic charms, manifestation routines, audio spells, and authentic spell-casting strategy

• Zeus Spell
• Architekt Spell
• Clover Spell
Magic is Real Magic & Manifestation Course
• Anti Negative-Thought Lock
MASCOTS Charms & Enchantments
Magic charm: XAOS Manifestation Charm
• Magic charm: Miracle Gold
• Magic charm: Lionheart
magic.mp3 Manifestation audio spell
marvel.mp3 Synchronicity audio spell
mingle.mp3 Confidence audio spell
trigger.mp3 Motivation & Productivity audio spell
tango.mp3 Relationships audio spell
pocket.mp3 Money & Wealth audio spell

Special pricing: $299 USD (worth $574)

Magic Spells FAQ

Answers to some common questions about spells

If you can't find your answer here, try our general FAQ, or contact us

What is magic(k)?

Magick is influencing the invisible forces that control our lives.

What is manifesting?

Making specific goals actually happen.

What is your Anti Negative Thought Lock? Is it added to all spells?

Yes. ANTlock is added to all spells. It's a clearing of blockages, and a neutralizer of negative thoughts.

This is a powerful therapeutic element that helps to filter negativity, so that it doesn't affect your manifestations. This means you’ll only manifest the good stuff.

There will be events and situations that can really surprise you (in a good way). Negative thought lock quite literally hits the delete button every time negativity, or perhaps fear, appears. By banishing doubt it clears a space for the power of intention to flow through.

Which spell is best for my particular situation?

Cool. We're happy to answer questions, offer advice, and help you make a decision. Simply get in touch.

Can you dowse my compatibility?

Sure thing. Send us a message mentioning your potential spell(s).