Quick Start: A video spell is designed to help manifest a specific experience or magical effect for its user. To get started, click the video link in the attachment sent to your email address. Press play on the video; focus on the flashing symbols to take in the magic; let it work for you on autopilot. Return anytime to refresh or enhance as needed.

Main User Guide Contents

Part 1: Access your video charm

Part 2: Understand your charm

Part 3: Self-enchantment made easy

Part 4: Optional maintenance

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Access your video charm

You’ll automatically be emailed a link to access your video charm. This link should arrive within minutes. If there’s an issue, please get in touch and that will be sorted out for you quickly.

Once you have access, you can stream your video online or download it for offline use.

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Understand your video charm

A video spell is designed to have a special, magical effect on its user.

At this point, you should be aware of what charm you’ve chosen and what effect it creates. If you need a reminder, you can go through the video’s description on the catalogue page.

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Self-enchantment made easy

Connection instructions for tuning into with what your video spell has to offer you:

Step 1: Play the video

Settle down and relax for a moment. Whenever you’re ready, hit play.

You can listen to your track at any volume through speakers or ear/headphones.

Tip: For a better, distraction-free viewing experience, click to Full Screen mode on the video before you hit play.

Step 2: Keep your attention on the symbols to tune in

While the video is playing, focus on the flashing symbols in the middle. The video length is 7 minutes.

Step 3: Let it work

All done. There’s nothing else for you to do. Things will adjust naturally and work for you on autopilot.

Simply acknowledge the end of your ritual and continue with your day.

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Optional maintenance

The activation routine above can be done just once, but feel free to redo it any time. Many users treat this process as a daily or weekly routine to refresh or empower further. Why not add a reminder to your phone or diary just to make sure you remember!

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That’s how it works. Select your video spell to begin

Potent video-based charms for attracting opportunities, changing yourself, and creating the life you desire.

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