Quick Start: Mystic Water is an hour long, magically enhanced video & audio track for mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, and inner peace. Get your headphones on, play the track, and start sinking into tranquil states within just a few minutes.

User Guide Contents

Step One: View your video track

Step Two: Play your video track

Step Three Sink in

🔙 Go to the Mystic Water page

Step 1: Download or stream your video track

View Mystic Water on your PC, smartphone, or tablet using the access link provided.

Step 2: Play

Sit down or lay back in a comfortable spot. Go full screen on the video. Tap the play button and listen in with headphones.

Step 3: Sink in

Close your eyes. Soak in the sounds. Focus on your breathing, and wind down slowly.

(You do not have to be watching the video.)

Meditate. Manifest. Or simply chill.

🔙 Go to the Mystic Water page