Sink into deep peace

Mystic Water is a one-hour, magically enhanced video & audio track for mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, and inner peace. Get your headphones on, play the track, and start sinking into tranquil states within just a few minutes.

Meditation, whenever you need it most

Use Mystic Water to revitalize your mind, body, and perspective.

Step 1: Download or stream

Step 2: Tap the play button

Step 3: Soak in the sounds

Meditate. Manifest. Or simply chill.

Let the sonic sorcery of Mystic Water wash over you for…


Various benefits include reduced stress and anxiety levels, and enhanced creativity, problem-solving, learning & recall, and intuition.

Better sleep

Slow down a busy mind, let go of the day, and relax into a restful night’s sleep.

Opening new possibilities

Fall into the ideal mental state for your own magic or manifestation pursuits. That includes your work with visualization, mantras, affirmations, vision boarding — all sorts of practices to achieve your goals.

Gain more clarity, control, and calmness in your life

You don’t have to be a guru, or Buddhist monk, or twist yourself into uncomfortable poses to reap the benefits of meditation. Follow the (very simple) steps inside and let the video track work to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts, bring a sense of calm, help you sleep better, and more.

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Note: It’s encouraged you browse through the Mystic Water User Guide to get an idea of what’s involved and see if this resonates with you. Your PDF guide with links to your extra tools are automatically sent to your email address as soon as your order is securely processed (— usually within minutes.)