A extraordinary mix of never-before-seen magical treasures

The Magic Goodie Bag is a handpicked collection of inventions and enchantments that have never been publicly available. From unlocking luck and prosperity to attracting attention and generating wealth — this curated bundle offers a variety of enchantments, audio-visual tracks, and rituals to enhance your life and open new possibilities.

20 premium tools & enchantments crafted to empower your desires. Simple, quick start instructions included.

Discover a comprehensive, potent blend of unseen inventions inside.

Clover X

Unlock your luck

The modern, audio-visual version of our most popular magic spell, Clover. Designed to bring good luck and prosperity. Simply play the video enchantment, immerse yourself in the sounds, and let the magic work for you.


Tap into limitless potential

A magical touch-tool to bring your goals and desires to life. Simply download the image to your phone and follow the step-by-step manifestation routine inside.


Align your reality to wealth

Unlock abundance with this simple, yet powerful, money manifestation ritual. Includes step-by-step instructions and a magically-programmed audio track for wealth generation.

Inner Incantations

Spoken word magic

Improve your outer world with mental conversations. Includes a step-by-step guide and MP3 to supercharge your affirmations.

New Light

Attract your crush’s attention

An MP3 psychic influence tool to help you catch your crush’s eye and spark their attention.


Take fearless action

A video spell designed to help you overcome your fear of the unknown and take bold, decisive action towards your goals.


Make an impact on others

Ripple is a magic symbol that empowers you to subtly yet significantly influence others in your social relationships and daily interactions.

Diamond Dust

Enhance your magical operations

Elevate your magical endeavors with Diamond Dust — an audio-visual track, featuring a potent manifestation charm and sonic elements.


Awaken your senses

Experience a revitalizing energy boost and enhanced mental clarity with Espresso, an audio spell designed to replicate the sought-after effects of drinking coffee.

Money Magic Book

Golden $plash

Generate money making luck

An effective money magic ritual, and visual-audio spell, used to attract golden opportunities to find, make, or earn money; get clients and customers for your business; land your ideal job; and more.

Eureka Book Cover


Find brilliant solutions to wicked problems. Overcome the impossible.

Eureka is a video spell (made with Subliminal Sorcery technology) to help you make remarkable progress in problem solving.

Magic Emails

Messages to shape your future

A modern manifestation technique used to enrich your life in various ways: Get a new job, acquire more clients and customers, improve your confidence, earn more money, find your soulmate, and more.

Lucky Shot

Sonic enchantment for good fortune

An unreleased Subliminal Sorcery MP3 track, designed to open the flow of timely synchronistic events, good luck, and out-the-blue fortune. Listen in and activate the magic for more of those little unexpected miracles in your life.

Protection Magic Spell

Sapphire Swirl

Protect against harm and evil influences

A protection video spell for warding off curses that undo your good fortune. (It also makes it less likely for you to face any general, day-to-day nastiness with people, and protects you from negative energy/influence given off by others.)

Eye Candy

Boost your charm

A glamor and charisma audio charm, magically programmed to enhance the way people feel about you.


Wealth hypersigils with ChatGPT

Explore the concept of hypersigils and how you can use ChatGPT to create a powerful and personalized manifestation tool.

Christmas Miracle

Make a wish

An exclusive, wintertime Subliminal Sorcery track that allows the listener to exploit the wish-granting energies of the Santa Claus thoughtform. A once-a-year opportunity.

Luck Magic Book

Clover Machine

Generate luck for your number one goal

A symbol-based ritual for achieving that one big thing you think about every day. Simply fill in the box and let the magic work to create a wide variety of magical results: from changing your behaviors, to attracting golden opportunities, to securing material desires.


Sweet dreams

A protective audio talisman that’s used to encourage sweeter dreams and protect you from those not-so-sweet ones. Plus: sonic sorcery designed to help you unwind and fall peacefully into sleep at bedtime.


Open new possibilities to acquire wealth

Inspired by an ancient money magic ritual, Moongold is an enchanted audio track to help you attract more financial opportunities into your life.

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