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Manifestation therapy.

Elevation helps fix the root cause of common manifestation issues, so you can find more ease and less resistance in fulfilling your desires.

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Get more of what you expect from the tools, services, and rituals you work with.

Made with the latest tech — audio-visual, servitor, and subliminal sorcery — Elevation is a powerful new brew to help make your magical efforts more effective.

⭐ Enhance your response to energies and practices.

Get your magic working the way you want it to, whatever your approach:

Paid services carried out on your behalf: Amplify spells and enchantments. Benefit from attunements. Awaken servitors created to deliver specific results.

3rd-party tools: Unlock the power of various technologies developed by others. Including radionics, psionics, audio spells, subliminals, sigils, charms, and video enchantments.

Learned techniques and systems: Achieve better results with any approach you’ve found in books, blogs, courses, YouTube — wherever.

⭐ Fix deep-seated issues.

As well as aligning you with the things you want, Elevation helps to remove negative thoughts and blockages; reframe your thinking; and restore your special, innate manifestation abilities.

The attunement supports you with:

Letting go of any limiting beliefs you carry, and creating positive, empowering ones.

Releasing the self-doubt, self-sabotage, fear, and insecurity that is holding you back from your manifestations (or even attracting difficulties.) And encouraging a positive mindset and the feeling that you deserve everything you want to manifest.

• Paying attention to signs and synchronicities that the universe is sending you, and taking inspired action in the direction you’re being lead.

• Getting rid of desperate or obsessive energies. Helping you detach yourself from the result and trusting the process.

• Releasing the attachment to time. Remaining focused on what you want with enthusiasm, without attachment to “when” it will all come about for you.

🆕 Manifest your true intent. Even if you’ve used less effective tools or imperfect practices.

On top of clearing the roadblocks that are preventing you from success with manifestation, Elevation is programmed with an intention amplifier.

This picks up on the actual intention behind any of your magical efforts. So you can still achieve your desired outcome, even if you’ve:

• Used ‘fake’ or badly designed magic tools.

• Used a dishonest or ineffective service provider.

• Used magic tools without guidance.

• Made mistakes doing rituals by yourself.

Recover any past work, or start afresh.

Two versions made for things you’ve done before and anything you do later.

• Revival & Affinity

Empower your past and future efforts.

• Affinity

Don’t want to revive any past work? Use Affinity to improve your future operations (from this point on, after your attunement.)

Bonus: MP3 supplement

A quick MP3 track for easy, on-going reinforcement of your attunement. Anytime.

Summary and FAQs

What does Elevation do?

It helps fine tune you towards getting more of the results you seek from your magical efforts.

It’s an an audio-visual enchantment. For any-level manifestor or magician that could be working with tools or services purchased from sellers. Or those who already have their own favourite routines.

How do I use it? What’s the process like on my side?

It’s very easy to get going. Everything is explained in your short PDF guide, but in summary:

The video attunement: Sit or lay down, and let the 17-minute video play as you listen in. You may close your eyes as the symbol slowly flashes. Simply relax as it ‘pumps’ magic into your atmosphere, or you can choose to focus on the symbol it if that’s your thing.

The MP3 supplement: Listen to the track whenever you want — on the go, as you work, or as you relax. This helps to reinforce the effect without having to repeat the longer video attunement (unless you want to.)

How do I access the video and MP3?

Your PDF guide has links for you to download or stream the 17-minute video attunement.

The MP3s are inside your download folder, next to your PDF guide.

More questions?

Happy to answer them. Get in touch using the contact details on this page.

Streamline your magical efforts

Improve your response to magic. Fix deep-seated issues. Supercharge your practice.

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