Speak to their mind

A thought projection tool for remote influence and telepathy based spellwork

Echo: A telepathic messenger used to manifest a desired response from a specific individual. Activate this thought transmitter on your chosen device, display your written idea on screen, and project your message towards your target with better precision.

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Influence thoughts. Shape outcomes.
Psychic sorcery for those desires that are reliant on others.

Echo helps to align your target’s thinking or behavior with your intentions, without the need for advanced ESP or psychic abilities:

1️⃣ Step 1: Launch Echo to cast a mental spell

Activate the audio-visual messenger on your mobile device to unlock the power of old-school ritual, new custom-created master sigils, and potent sonic elements — allowing you to communicate your thoughts into the minds of others.

2️⃣ Step 2: Express your desired action or behavior

Place you idea or command at the center of Echo’s symbol matrix, whether it’s a simple written statement or a personal sigil. (Inside, you’ll find techniques to craft a compelling message that provokes the ideal response from your target.)

3️⃣ Step 3: Enchant their mind to make an impact

Use Echo’s 7-minute or 21-minute transmission session to start infusing your message into your target’s subconscious, gradually prompting them to embrace, act upon, and integrate your idea.

🔊🧠 Effective mind-to-mind communication

Place your written intent over the magic symbols in the center of Echo to project your thought

FAQ and Summary

In summary, what does Echo do?

Echo is a thought projection tool for influencing others. It enables users to perform telepathy, remote influence, and other similar “inception” spellwork by harnessing the energies of custom master sigils, servitors, psionics, and more.

What can I use it for?

Use Echo for a wide variety of purposes:

• Capture attention and prompt communication from someone

• Win over those who disagree with you

• Provide remote therapy and assist others in solving problems

• Persuade others in business endeavors

• Warm up interactions with strangers

• Resolve conflicts

• Facilitate healing and rebuilding by erasing memories

• Practice self-inception for personal growth and development

And much more.

What information do I need to use Echo?

To send a message, simply use a written statement or a sigil to represent your desire. Place this in the box for your target & desire on screen.

Additionally, to establish a connection with your target person, include either their name or photo in the target & desire box on screen. (Pick just one, or both if you feel like it.)

Is Echo beginner-friendly?

Absolutely. With user-friendly design and step-by-step guidance, anyone can succeed, regardless of experience level. Our instruction ensures clarity and ease of execution for practitioners of all levels.

With Echo, you have two approaches based on your desired level of involvement:

Automatic mode: Play the audio-visual track on your device with your message displayed, and let the transmission run while you go about your day.

Interactive mode: Play the audio-visual track on your device with your message displayed, and follow one of the included rituals from the PDF guide.

What’s the difference between Echo and Symphony?

Although similar in design, Echo introduces a fresh range of magic, utilizing unique symbols and sonic sorcery to enhance remote influence and telepathic operations targeted at specific individuals.

On the other hand, Symphony is designed to manifest personal desires directed towards yourself.

Are there any negative side effects? Is this witchcraft or black magic? Will I be making deals with any spirits?

No, there are no negative side effects. Echo is not witchcraft or black magic and you will not be making deals with any spirits. It is completely safe and spook-free with no negative impact on your karma.

Is Echo compatible with my device?

Echo is compatible with any device that can play video and audio. You’ll have access to a downloadable version and an online streaming link for convenience.

Use it by simply placing your phone or mobile device on a flat surface, allowing it to function as a magic box through which you can manifest your desires and intentions.

If you prefer to use your PC, you can safely attach your intent to the screen using an adhesive like Blu Tack or sticky tape for the session.

How do I access the video and MP3?

Your PDF guide has links for you to download or stream the 7-minute and 21-minute audio-visual track.

More questions?

Happy to answer them. Get in touch using the contact details on this page.

Enchant their mind to bring about your desired effect

Make an impact on others. Use Echo to help shape your target’s thinking or behavior in line with your intentions.

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