Stardust Good Luck Sigil

A magic sigil for those little unexpected miracles

A modern twist on the legendary lucky charm, Stardust opens the flow of timely synchronistic events, good luck, and out-the-blue fortune. Follow the simple directions below the video to activate the magic.

Simple instructions for activating the good luck magic sigil

We’ve made things really simple for you here: You don’t need to draw or print any image files (like you would with traditional graphic sigils.) Simply stream and activate this video sigil, wherever you are, on any device.

1️⃣ Play the Stardust Good Luck Sigil video

Settle down and relax for a moment. Whenever you’re ready, hit play. This is all visual, so it’s totally optional if you want to grab a pair of headphones and listen to the relaxing theta waves binaural beats.

Tip: For a better, distraction-free viewing experience, switch to Full Screen mode before you hit play.

2️⃣ Keep your attention on the good luck sigil

While the video is playing, focus on the flashing magic symbol in the middle. The video length is 77 seconds.

3️⃣ Sigil Activated!

You’re all done! Come back and watch the video as often as you like to enhance the effects. Why not add a reminder to your phone or diary just to make sure you remember! See you here once a week?

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