7th Birthday Special

Ends Sunday 24 March @ 11:59 (EST)

extraOddinary turns 7! Here are special discounts on all magical inventions, spells, and courses.

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57% off Magic Spells

Make giant steps towards the life you want

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37% off Miracle

Special on the Miracle spell – for the first time ever!

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$40 off X Cell Pro

X Cell Pro and I/O Master Sigils pack

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57% off Magic is Real course

Manifest your desires with absolute precision and success

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Manifestation course

47% off awaken.mp3

Activate magic charms effortlessly

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35% off Magic is Real – Part Two

Use your mind to influence the real world and get what you want

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Magic is real – part two

37% off KAOS Machines

Heavily charmed desire-boards

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37% off Circuit #001

KAOS Machine specially designed for magicians & manifestors

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37% off I/O

Supercharge your sorcery

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57% off Audio Spells

Get your daily shot of magic

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57% off Magic Charms

Beautiful little reality shapers

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57% off 3E

Open your third eye

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57% off magic.mp3

Audio track for effective manifestation

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67% off MASCOTS

A box set of powerful magic charms

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57% off Sonic Inception

Create powerful audio charms

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Extra $107 off Manifestation Master

A combination of manifestation spells, magic charms, manifestation routines, audio spells, and authentic spell-casting strategy. See this already discounted manifestor’s package in our magic spells catalog for more information.

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Extra $330 off Magic Pass

Get an all-access pass to every invention

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