Missed out on Bitcoin and GameStop?

It’s never too late to plug into countless opportunities in the markets. With Market Player Picks, you get expert-selected trading signals alerting you to potential movers throughout the week — so you’re always in the know, ready to get involved.

Expert-backed stock, forex, and cryptocurrency trading signals delivered to your phone

Market Players trade alerts give you the chance to copy-trade skilled traders & investors.

These signals include all the information you need to place your trade. (You have full control and decide whether you want to execute the trade yourself.)

Each trade alert, delivered to your phone through Telegram, include:

📱 The market being traded

📱 Where to buy or sell

📱 Where to place your stop

📱 Where to take profits

📱 In-trade updates

Why use a professional service to generate trading signals?

Whatever level you’re at, signals can be beneficial to traders and investors in many ways:

• The perfect way for newcomers to get started

New to the game and want to get started on the right foot? Mirror the exact trades traders & investors are taking throughout the week. Save tons of time learning this difficult skill that takes years to master.

• Another string to your bow

Already in the game and doing your own research or analysis? You can use the trading alerts as confirmation triggers.

• Additional trade ideas to your own watch list

Want to diversify? When you’re a part of the Market Players network, you’re sure to find new opportunities and get involved in assets you may not be looking at.

FAQs — Your questions answered

I’m completely new to trading. Is this suitable for me?

This is optimal for traders, speculators, and investors with some basic experience executing trades. General awareness of the financial markets is also recommended.

That said, the bare minimum you’ll need is knowing how to use a trading/broker platform to place & manage a trade. (This is pretty easy once you’ve practised a few times on a demo account, provided for free by most platforms today.)

If you’re completely brand new and haven’t placed a trade before, don’t worry: You can get up & running fairly quickly using specific information available on official broker websites like IG Markets.

In short: If you already know how to use a trading platform, you’re good to go!

What markets do you trade?

A range of assets:

• Forex (currency pairs)
• Cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin)
• Stocks (like Tesla)
• Indices (like FTSE and Dow Jones)
• Commodities (like Gold and Crude Oil)

How do I receive trade alerts?

For the best experience, you should have a phone setup with Telegram. This is so that you can receive alerts and any other notifications instantly.

Tip: There’s also a version of Telegram for you to use on your PC, if that’s your thing.

Full setup instructions are inside your MPP User Guide, automatically sent to your inbox when you subscribe to Market Player Picks.

What’s the duration of my subscription?

A subscription is for 30 days. Your membership begins on the day you receive your first alert (so don’t worry if you subscribe and haven’t received a signal immediately within your first few days!)

You’ll get an email reminder confirming the start of your subscription, and a reminder 3 days before your subscription ends.

Will my subscription auto-renew? Am I locked into ongoing payments?

No. A subscription is for 30 days and you won’t be automatically billed for your next.

If you decide it’s not for you, no worries! You won’t have to remember to get in touch with someone to stop your membership or hit a cancellation button.

If you decide to stay on, awesome. Come back to this page to renew, or click the link in your reminder email sent 3 days before your subscription ends.

How many trading signals can I expect to get?

On average, expect at least 3 trades in a week. The monthly minimum target is 10 opportunities per month.

If a large quantity of trades is important to you, and you want to be in-&-out of the market many times a day, please note that this is (usually) not that sort of higher frequency day trading.

Generally, the traders behind Market Player Picks use Daily and Weekly chart perspectives and will alert you only when there is a trading setup that meets very specific conditions.

What time should I expect to receive a trading alert?

Trade alerts are sent between 10PM to 11:30PM — London, UK (GMT+1).

Is every trading signal 100% guaranteed to be profitable?

Think twice about any trading signal service or trader claiming they can offer you guaranteed profitability.

The game plan in summary: Aim for a good strike rate and good R:R. When you win, win well; when you lose, lose just a little. Trade your edge; play the long game; keep your cool and stay focused for long term success.

How are these trading signals generated?

Market Player Picks is a collaboration between extraOddinary and a London-based trading group. For the most part, speculators behind Market Player Picks use a proprietary trading strategy.

Is there support?

Sure, get in touch through email or respond to the welcome message sent to your phone.

All technical and general queries are answered specifically by extraOddinary.

If your query relates to a specific trading signal, it’s usually answered by the trader who sent out the alert. This isn’t always extraOddinary, so do take that into consideration. (See the previous question.)

Try not to use the trading communications to discuss magic-related topics; email extraOddinary instead.

Sounds good, I’m in! What should I do next?

Great to have you on board! Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll automatically get an email confirming your order.

Go through your Market Players User Guide, available immediately for download, to connect and start receiving signals.

Any other questions?

Happy to answer them. Get in touch using the contact options on this page.

Is this right for you?

If you’ve read this far, it’s likely you’re ready for Market Player Picks and you’re welcome to join the network anytime. Just to make sure, this is suitable for you if can say “Yes” to any of the following:

✔ You’re a fairly new trader with some basic trading experience.

✔ You already trade the markets and are looking for a service to expand your portfolio or help filter out false positive trades.

✔ You’re looking to copy professional traders who are providing live trading signals.

Market Players Picks is not right for you if:

❌ You are looking to get rich overnight.

❌ You are looking for a second income that is guaranteed.

❌ You depend on the money you are trading/investing to live on.

❌ You have gambling problems.

Coming soon: Join the private network

Disclaimer: All trading involves risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Never trade with money you cannot afford to lose.