3 tips for manifesting anything

How to manifest anything faster

Most people, at one point or another, find that manifestation isn’t always so straightforward.

Part of learning how to manifest anything is making “mistakes”, and this article will focus on where three common issues arise. Two of these issues are rooted in the mindset we bring to the table, and making the appropriate adjustments to get the best results. The third is more specific, concerned more with the technical application of the magic.

Get the following points right, though, and you’ll start unlocking magic’s full life-changing potential:

  1. Set a clear goal: Know precisely what you want
  2. Be open: Take your opportunities as they come
  3. Don’t lust for results: Step back and put things into perspective

1. Set a clear goal

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

— Anthony Robbins

Know precisely what you want

It seems obvious, but you must know exactly what you want before you begin.

It’s not enough to be vague about this; you must strip back all the added layers to find that goal. This takes more time than you might think, and that’s okay. The quality of the results will only reflect what you put into it.

Knowing your exact intention is key to this. There’s no point casting a spell for a better life. Just think about the multitude of options and complications that brings. What is it about your life that you’d like to be better? Maybe you want more financial stability. In which case, that’s your actual intention –– the real ‘overall goal’ you must stick to without digression.

For more on how to formulate the perfect intent, check out our article on how to write a statement of intent.


How it will happen, how the Universe will bring it to you, is not your concern or job. Allow the Universe to do it for you.

— Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

Take your opportunities when they come

Being positive and proactive in your journey for results is crucial. A fundamental part of that is to first accept that results may arrive in all sorts of ways –– ways you never thought possible. You must be ready with open arms for all manifestations and to recognize when to capitalize on your chances.

Take, for instance, that all-important job you want. Now, while you may have seen it going a certain way, opportunities can arise from seemingly nowhere. In the first place you might have pictured yourself sending off a job application and awaiting a response. But be open to the idea that a friend could alert you to an open position, you could be headhunted, or that it might even be a totally different job from the one you initially thought of.

Just be aware and be active in making the most of your chances. Importantly, this involves following things up. A job doesn’t just appear out of thin air; you need to put the work in – often again and again. Accept that prospect and have faith in the process, no matter whether it was part of the plan or not.

When attempting to manifest something into reality, being as open as possible is a mammoth push in the right direction.

Lust for results

In order to be able to make it, you have to put aside the fear of failing and the desire of succeeding. You have to do these things completely and purely without fear, without desire. Because things that we do without lust of result are the purest actions we shall ever take.

— Alan Moore

Step back and put things into perspective

Have you ever been so obsessed by the prospect of getting a new job, that every time you think about it, it seems more and more unlikely?

Or perhaps it’s not a job you crave – it’s a meaningful relationship. The longer you think about that potential partner, and the great times you will share, the more distant the real relationship becomes.

This phenomenon is called lusting for results, and it’s a major barrier to getting what we seek. In the context of magic, the same applies.

Focusing on the result too much will make a mountain of a molehill. It will warp expectations, add pressure on a situation, and unsettle the magic. The reason for this is simple: every moment spent checking whether the magic has worked will reinforce any doubts you may have about getting that result. Magic is, after all, about changing yourself to get a chosen result.

The most effective way to do that is to treat the result in a nonchalant way. Remind yourself the end product isn’t the end of the world. Focus on individual components, one step at a time, that will lead to that goal. The moment you put that result on the back burner, the more likely it is to become a reality.

Forcing the issue never works, does it?

Unlock your magic and manifest anything

So, those are three important things to keep in mind when you’re trying to make your goals a reality:

1) Know exactly what you want.

2) Be as open as possible to a wide variety of opportunities.

3) Don’t constantly check whether your magic has worked or try to force the issue.

With these concepts firmly under your belt, why not set an intention today? You can get going in just a few minutes using sigil magic or mental imagery.