The Manifestor’s Bundle

Accelerate your achievement of dreams, goals, and ambitions with the Manifestor’s Bundle: a curated collection of downloadable self-enchantments, manifestation guides, and done-for-you spellwork for anyone seeking life-changing magical results.

What’s inside:

Ultra Blend: Unshaded Pathways

Your goals can manifest in numerous ways. This luck & goal manifestation spell focuses on making your ideas more probable by opening up the number manifestation pathways for them to happen — the obvious ones, and the ones you aren’t aware of (or didn’t think were possible.)

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Subliminal Sorcery Track: Wizardry

Designed for magicians and manifestors, Wizardry makes your magic more successful and boosts your ability to attract more opportunities, luck, synchronicities that lead you towards achieving your goals. Specially power-packed with extra magical source messages to pull more magical results.

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Subliminal Sorcery Track: New Destiny

New Destiny, a magical remix for anyone who wants to enhance their manifestation abilities, improve luck, and overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.

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Manifestation Course: Magic is Real

Magic is Real is a complete manifestation course covering three techniques used to create a wide variety of magical results: from changing your behaviors, to attracting golden opportunities, to securing material desires.

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Invention: Wish Console

Turn your PC or smartphone into a wish-granting tool, and plug into the easiest way to make manifestation work for you.

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Get the Manifestor’s Bundle for $127

Worth $349, Manifestor’s Bundle includes a personal ultra blend, 2 audio tracks, a manifestation course, and a video-based invention.