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Need to inspire change, motivate an action, or awaken a feeling in someone?

Get a remote influencer to spark the response you want from another person — for purely your own benefit, or to improve their life in some way.

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Remote influencing service

Remote influence, or inception, is the ability to impact others from a distance. Magicians and manifestors use remote influence to:

• Grab a person’s attention

• Inspire someone to take action

• Awaken specific feelings towards something (or someone)

• Affect another person’s behaviour

• Resolve conflicts or rebuild relationships

And so much more.

How to influence someone from a distance

If you want to affect someone remotely, you need to get into their head and plant the thought or idea you want them to have.

You’ve got two ways to make this happen:

1. You can learn how to do inception to someone using the tools & techniques inside our remote influence course, Inception is Possible.

2. You can have it all done for you by a remote influencer who can change a person’s actions, behaviours, and beliefs. Details below.

Inception expert for hire

Fees for targetting one person start from $79. Answer the questions in the form below and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

After you get a response, we’ll need you to send any of the following information: your target’s name, and optionally any other information you’re able to provide, like a photo or date of birth.

*Please note: We don’t cast targeted love spells anymore. (Feel free to browse general attraction or glamour spells in our spell catalogue to attract a more suitable person into your life.)