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Magic Pass gives you full access to extraOddinary’s core range of powerful magic charms, audio tracks, video spells, manifestation courses, and more.

• I/O master sigils and charms
• awaken.mp3 sigil & charm activator
• Magic is Real manifestation course
• Inception is Possible remote influence toolkit
• KAOS Machine — Circuit #001
• KAOS Machine — Circuit #002: Golden Nudge
• KAOS Machine — Circuit #003: Sweetest Taboo
• KAOS Machine — Circuit #004: Wealthify
• KAOS Machine — Circuit #005: Rare Species
• KAOS Machine — Circuit #006: Bezos
• KAOS Machine — Circuit #007: John Wick
• Get Lucky video sex spell
• GAIN$ video money spell

🤫 3 unreleased products

As a bonus, you’ll get exclusive magic charms that haven’t ever been available to purchase.

• Unfair Advantage — video charm for competitive luck and superiority
• Unstoppable Execution — video charm for motivation and success
• Unfading Love — video charm for meaningful relationships


With MAGIC PASS, you’ll also be able to:

• Sample new tools and magical methods before they’re publically released.

• Have your say on future downloads.

• Get a sweet deal on any upcoming courses and inventions.


Is this right for me?

If you’re looking for a varied mix of easy-to-use magic tools and manifestation approaches that work, MAGIC PASS is for you.

I’m new to all of this. Will these items work for me?

Everything is simple and comes with step-by-step instructions for any newcomer to get great results.

Are there any negative side-effects?


Of course, before working with the magic, it’s important to make sure you’ll be satisfied with your desired outcome. You’re working powerful magic, so you should be careful what you wish for.

Is this witchcraft or black magic? Will I be making deals with any spirits?


I had MAGIC PASS in the past. Can I still access my downloads?

Your download links should still be active! Get in touch, with your order number if possible, if you need new ones.

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