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Mission Center is a powerful magic tool that helps you direct your entities with simple commands. Whether you’ve created your own servitors, or found entities elsewhere — Mission Center maximizes their impact, making sure they fulfill their purposes with precision and power.

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Your magical allies at their best. Use Mission Center to boost your entity’s power and enhance the acceptance of your commands.

Effortlessly task your entities for the best manifestation outcomes using these easy steps:

1️⃣ Step 1: Connect with your chosen entity

Place your entity’s identifier on your mobile or tablet device’s screen. This can be its physical object, name, or associated symbol.

2️⃣ Step 2: Set your entity a magical task, desired outcome, or training

Write down your command(s) or draw a sigil of your intent. Place them on the screen to assign your entity its magical mission.

3️⃣ Step 3: Boost your entity’s powers

Allow Mission Center to charge and transmit your message during the 7-minute or 21-minute session, guiding your entity to fulfill your desires.

Enhance the responsiveness of your entities

Unlock the full potential of your entities, no matter their type or purpose. Whether it’s manifesting your desires, completing tasks, remote influence, or more, Mission Center helps you get the best results from your entities.

Mission Center: Max power your magic

Every 7-minute session delivers thousands of repetitions — honing your entity’s behavior, programming, and intent alignment to help with your desired outcomes.

🔮 Direct their magical missions

Make your magic with entities simpler (and stronger). Place your entity’s symbol or home on the ID box, and your task in the Mission box to get started.

Entity Trainer: Turbocharge your training

A potent bonus tool for strengthening your entity’s natural powers and capabilities — exclusively focused on training without assigning a specific mission.

🔮 Power up its original programming

Place your entity’s symbol or home on the ID box to enhance your entity’s powers for optimal performance.

FAQ and Summary

What does Mission Center do?

Mission Center streamlines entity tasking — making it easier to give commands to your entities, and maximizing their effectiveness in fulfilling your desires and objectives.

Who can benefit from Mission Center? What entities can I use it with?

Mission Center is designed for anyone who wants to enhance their entity workings for specific purposes.

It works with various entities, including:

• Servitors

• Archetypes

• Spirits and deities

• Egregores

• Personal constructs

• Elemental forces

• Entities from other dimensions

Is Mission Center suitable for beginners?

Mission Center is an advanced “plug and play” invention, best suited for those already familiar with working with entities like servitors. You should have a basic understanding of servitors and be aware of your entity’s capabilities beforehand.

If you’re new to servitors, consider exploring Dragon Gem to learn how to create them.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Companion offering to have the process done for you.

I have a general purpose entity that operates on its own, and I don’t control it directly, but I still benefit from it. Is this tool good for me?

Yes. You can use the “Entity Trainer” included with Mission Center to continuously enhance your entity’s effectiveness without giving it any direct specific commands.

Does Mission Center include entities to work with?

Mission Center is designed for users who prefer to choose their own entities: whether they create their own servitors, have an entity made for them (like our Companion offering), or want to work with an entity they found elsewhere.

Please refer to this answer for more information.

Due to the vast diversity of entities and their unique capabilities, we are unable to provide specific advice on working with entities found elsewhere. Users are encouraged to conduct their own research and exploration to understand the specific entities they choose to work with.

What information do I need to use Mission Center?

To set a task, simply write down your desire or draw a sigil and place it in the “Mission” box on the screen.

Additionally, establish a connection with your entity by placing its physical object, or name, or sigil in the “I.D.” (identity) box.

Is Mission Center compatible with my device?

Yes, Mission Center works with any device that can play video and audio.

For the ideal experience, we recommend using it on a mobile or tablet placed on a flat surface.

You can easily access the downloadable version or use the online streaming link to unleash the magic.

If you prefer to use your PC, you would need to safely attach your written intent and servitor symbols to the screen using an adhesive like Blu Tack or sticky tape for the session.

More questions?

Happy to answer them. Get in touch using the contact details on this page.

Accomplish more with supercharged entities

Easily connect, command, and train various entities to harness their unique powers. With Mission Center, your entities are energized and amplified to accomplish their designated missions more effectively.

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