Awaken sexual desire in someone

Featured in the core remote influence toolkit, Erotic Inception shows you how to sexually motivate a person you’re attracted to — remotely. Or, if you don’t have anyone specific in mind, you can use it to manifest a new lover.

Whatever your ideal relationship looks like, play the magically enhanced MP3 track and follow the remote seduction method inside to make it a reality.

Arouse feelings of attraction and infatuation

Also known as “psychic seduction” and “mind power seduction”, Erotic Inception is specifically for planting real thoughts & feelings into another person and making them become drawn to you. Your download includes:

🔮 Detailed 5-page PDF guide with step-by-step instructions and tips
🔮 30-minute MP3 track for connecting with your target on a deep level
🔮 Video sigil for enhancing your remote influence abilities

Note: Erotic Inception already appears inside the larger remote influence course, Inception is Possible. This is a single module for those who just want one effective technique specifically for seducing a target or finding genuine romance.

Make your amorous intent a reality

If you have a particular person in mind or want to manifest the perfect guy or gal of your dreams, Erotic Inception is for you.

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