Quick Start: awaken.mp3 is a magically enhanced audio track for easily activating magic symbols and supercharging your magical intent. Within just a few minutes of listening, you’ll automatically start to unlock the power of sigils, charms, mascots, servitors, and other totems used in manifestation. Listen to the track with headphones or speakers, focus on your symbol for 5-10 minutes, and you’re done.

Main User Guide Contents

Part One: Access awaken.mp3

Part Two: Get your magic symbols working for you

Part Three: Simple activation

Part Four: Optional next steps

Part Five: Optional manifestation routines

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Access awaken.mp3

You’ll automatically be emailed a link to download your files. This link should arrive within minutes. If there’s an issue, please get in touch and that will be sorted out for you quickly.

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Get your magic symbols working for you

Whether you use ready-made symbols or craft them yourself, you can easily access their power by carrying out the following activation routine.

Take as much time as you need with this. A minimum of 7 minutes is recommended. You only have to do this once, but you can revisit it as often as you like for a refresh & boost.

Tip: Throughout this guide we use the word “symbol” to cover a range of magical totems used in manifestation: sigils, charms, mascots, servitors, talismans, mental constructs & thoughtforms, and so on.

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Simple activation

Ready to unleash the magic in your symbol? The easiest and most common activation method is simply listening to awaken.mp3 while focusing on your symbol.

Tip: If you’re working with a symbol that already comes with its own specific usage instructions, you may listen to awaken.mp3 while following those or replace it with the following method.

Step 1: Ready

Place your symbol somewhere you can see it, the closer the better. This can be viewed on paper or a digital device. (If you don’t have it with you or its home is in your mind, then be ready to visualize it.)

Step 2: Listen

Sit down in a comfortable spot, put on your headphones and hit play on awaken.mp3. Set it at a volume that you can relax to; not too loud, not too quiet. Wind down slowly. You don’t have to think of anything.

Step 3: Activate

While soaking in the sounds, gaze at the symbol without straining, taking it in as a picture alone. (Or paint a mental picture of it in your mind’s eye if you choose to visualize it.)

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Optional next steps

Give your symbol a home.

A symbol’s influence grows stronger by feeding off even the tiniest unconscious or conscious attention you give it. Finding a good home for it will allow that to take place properly.

You need only one placement, but you can do as many as you want. Ideas:

• Keep it on a desk where you work
• Keep it with you
• Stick it to a mirror, window, wall, fridge
• Snap and save it as your phone’s home-screen
• Put it next to your TV or computer monitor
• Stick it to your purse or wallet
• Add it to your keychain

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Optional manifestation routines

Once you’ve activated a symbol, you don’t need to spend time interacting with it to get the results you want. The following routine, however, is an effective way to strengthen your intent before moving on completely. You may also revisit this as often as you like for a refresh & boost.

Choose mental voice command or imagination:

Mental voice command

Describe your desired result:

Listen to awaken.mp3 whilst staring at the symbol. If you don’t have it with you or its home is in your mind, then paint a mental picture of it. Picture it absorbing your aim and springing to life in an animated way. Convince
yourself of how real it is: a living being who is about to carry out your task. Say assertively, in your mind, as if you’re talking to it, what its purpose is.

Even just a minute of this regularly is enough to energize your intent.


Paint a mental picture of your desired result:

Play awaken.mp3. With your symbol near you, close your eyes and visualize your desired outcome. Use your mental voice to affirm your end goal. (It’s best to keep this related to your symbol’s purpose.)

For example:

If you’re using a symbol for home protection, visualize an unbreakable protective shield forming around the building. As this solid wall is being built, affirm to yourself in your mind, “My home is protected always”.

If you’re using a symbol for attracting your ideal lover, visualize both of you enjoying a romantic or intimate experience while affirming something like “I am with the love of my life.”

A few minutes are enough, but you can do this for as long as you like to solidify your intent more. If you need some help painting a mental picture of your wish, see our article on mental imagery. You can also learn how to build effective “affirmations” in our article on crafting magical intents.

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Get started with awaken.mp3

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