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Money Magic Book

Golden $plash

Generate money making luck

An effective money magic ritual and video & audio spell used to attract golden opportunities to find, make, or earn money; get clients and customers for your business; land your ideal job; and more.

Protection Magic Spell

Sapphire Swirl

Protect against harm and evil influences

A protection video spell for warding off curses that undo your good fortune. (It also makes it less likely for you to face any general, day-to-day nastiness with people, and protects you from negative energy/influence given off by others.)

Luck Magic Book

Clover Machine

Generate luck for your number one goal

A symbol-based ritual for achieving that one big thing you think about every day. Simply fill in the box and let the magic work to create a wide variety of magical results: from changing your behaviors, to attracting golden opportunities, to securing material desires.

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