Lucky number Se7en

A set of power symbols featuring six magic charms and one power-boosting master sigil

Includes simple step-by-step manifestation routine for magicians & manifestors of all levels

Six magic charms

Attract more luck

Six magic charms inside Se7en steer you towards more favorable outcomes, achieving success, and unexpected fortunate events & circumstances.

These are specifically linked to:

● Luck & fortune
● Unexpected miracles
● Synchronicities
● Opportunities
● Success
● Magical results

Master sigil #1

Amplify your magical influence

The leader of the pack in I/O, Master Sigil #1 was created with the intent all of what is desired manifests, no matter what. It encapsulates the ultimate end goal for all manifestors. It’s used in our magic spells process, and actively powered by thousands of magicians & manifestors in a world-wide magical network; and we all know what happens when so many people use the same symbol.

Get going quickly

Easy effortless activation

Simple step-by-step instructions show you how to easily access the power of your charms and master sigil. Use this to boost your current magical practice, or continue with the simple manifestation technique used to create a wide variety of magical results: changing your behaviors, attracting golden opportunities, securing material desires, and more.