The Power of Belief

The power of belief is unmistakable. There are many examples of people overcoming their limitations by believing that they could do something that normally was impossible. But there is something even more important to consider than super humans feats of physical power, and that is the power of belief as it pertains to the subconscious mind where LIMITED beliefs are held. This article is going to focus more on the power of belief from the spiritual sense than the physical, and it’s going to explain what you can do to challenge any limited belief that you may have.

Overcoming Limited Beliefs

Most of us have heard the example of the small woman whose baby got trapped underneath her car. In her moment of despair, the small woman suspended her disbelief in her strength, lifted the car up, and got her baby out safely.

There is another example where a police officer was warning neighbors to evacuate a neighborhood because a forest fire was threatening to come through. Suddenly, the fire appeared out of nowhere, and the officer ran faster than almost humanly possible to escape. He too suspended his belief in what was possible.

But these type of beliefs have more to do with ones physical ability than anything else. Now, let’s talk about the more important aspect of the power of beliefs that is controlled by the subconscious mind.

Why Everyone Believes They are Right!

Have you ever wondered why it seems that people with strong religious or political beliefs can be so fanatical in their belief that they are right and that everyone else is wrong?

Well, the truth of the matter is that everyone is a powerful, spiritual being having a human existence, and everyone is creating their reality based upon what they believe to be true.

What this means is that people tend to believe what they want to believe and then they find the evidence to support their beliefs.

This is why a very religious person believes so strongly – they can point to solid evidence that their religion is correct.

And this is why a passionate member of a political group can be so sure that they are correct and that everyone else is wrong – because their belief is so powerful that they create that reality – they create the evidence and the proof through their own ability to create their reality…

So, everyone is doing it and everyone thinks they’re right!

When you understand the power of belief and see what is really happening in the world, it then begs the question:

“If we create our reality from our belief system, then why not believe in the best of everything?”


In other words, why not believe that you have perfect health because you can if you do…

And why not believe that you have great relationships, and that you are a wonderful person – because if you can, then you are…

And better yet, why not believe that you are wealthy and abundant, because if you do, it must become true, eventually!

So rather than believe in illness, believe in perfect health.

Rather than believe that the world is a mess, create your own reality and believe that the world doesn’t need fixing because everyone is on their own journey and it’s okay.

Rather than believe that you have to fix anyone or anything, why not enjoy life and choose to be happy?
Einstein said that the most important thing that you will ever decide is whether or not you live in a hostile or friendly universe. So, choose to believe that you are in a friendly universe! Why not? You create all of it anyway.

And so that is the message – since you create your reality based upon your beliefs, then why not choose the best beliefs possible?

Why Your Subconscious Mind Holds Limited Beliefs

Your subconscious mind has one has a great desire to make sense of the world – to understand reality.

This is called cognitive congruence. What this means is that your subconscious mind wants all the beliefs that it holds to be congruent, or to support one another.

The opposite of cognitive congruence is cognitive dissonance. And that is the situation where the subconscious mind holds warring or disparaging beliefs within itself.

Your subconscious mind HATES cognitive dissonance because that means that there is no harmony of beliefs within it – the beliefs do not support one another.

This is why all of us have a desire or a need for our beliefs to be in harmony – we cannot keep two different beliefs in our mind at once.

Now, this is fine and great IF your beliefs support you and are positive!

But it’s really bad if your beliefs are negative.


Because it’s very hard to change a belief.

How to Overcome Limited Beliefs

For most of us, many of our deep-seated beliefs were created when we were a child. And our little subconscious minds decided way back then what beliefs we would have about ourselves.

So, unfortunately for a lot of us, this means that if we have not done anything to remove negative beliefs, they are still there in our subconscious mind, and those negative beliefs are running our lives today.

What this really means is that you are probably behaving in your adult life from the belief system from when you were a child – the childhood version of yourself!

One of the quickest and easiest ways to overcome negative beliefs from childhood is a technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques. It was showcased on the Dr. Oz show, and it is a very popular tool amongst alternative doctors and healthcare professionals to help people let go of old negative beliefs.

Another way to address negative beliefs is to simply challenge old thoughts and memories and what they mean. To do this, allow your mind to bring up old negative events that caused you to have negative beliefs about yourself. Then, in your mind, talk to your young child version of yourself the way that a loving parent would talk. Soothe your inner child with words of comfort for anything that you went through in your past that you think may have caused you to have a negative belief.

This way, you can program your subconscious mind with positive beliefs instead of negative ones.