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24 supertools for magicians & manifestors of all levels

Magic Pass gives you full access to extraOddinary’s entire range of powerful charms, audio tracks, manifestation courses, and more.

• I/O master sigils and charms
• awaken.mp3 sigil & charm activator
Circuit #001 Manifestor KAOS Machine
• KAOS Machine — Circuit 002: Golden Nudge
• KAOS Machine — Circuit 003: Sweetest Taboo
• KAOS Machine — Circuit 004: Wealthify
• KAOS Machine — Circuit 005: Rare Species
• KAOS Machine — Circuit 006: Bezos
• KAOS Machine — Circuit 007: John Wick
• Magic is Real Part One manifestation course
• Magic is Real Part Two manifestation course
• magic.mp3 manifestation audio track
• Miracle Gold magic charm
• XAOS magic charm
• Lionheart magic charm
• marvel.mp3 audio spell
• mingle.mp3 audio spell
• tango.mp3 audio spell
• trigger.mp3 audio spell
• pocket.mp3 audio spell
• MASCOTS magic charms boxset
• 3E third eye charm
• Sonic Inception manifestation course
• Se7en charms

Plus: 10 unreleased products

As a bonus, you’ll get exclusive magic charms and manifestation guides that haven’t ever been available to purchase.

Pocket — money power symbol and do-it-yourself spell
Wishbox — do-it-yourself spell for manifesting your desires (PDF)
Rainbow Road — power symbol for good fortune
Dream Ink — manifestation technique (PDF)
Amorous Intent — manifestation routines for finding romance (PDF)
ENIGMA — mysteriously good luck charm
The Light — charm for banishing negativity
Golden Ticket — manifestation technique (PDF)
The Messenger — manifestation technique for ideas & answers (PDF)
L-I-N-K-S — charm for attracting the right people

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