Discover how we make things happen

Several elements blend together to drive your spell….

• Psionics, chaos magick, and remote influence


Psionics harnesses energy and psychic abilities

Chaos magick

Chaos magick is a form of magick that has great power, influence, and effect… on yourself and your environment

Remote influence

Remote influencing (or distance influencing) is the ability to project thoughts, feelings, and desires to influence another person

(…plus a couple of other magick styles we like to keep hush-hush)


• Your choice of servitor or power symbol to accompany your spell

1) Servitor

A servitor is a concentrated thought form that is created to carry out a certain task related to your spell. This is housed on an object of your choice. Simply send us a picture of your chosen object.

2) Power symbol

A power symbol is programmed with a specific intention related to your spell. Simply open the file we send you, print it out or draw it, then keep it somewhere or carry it around with you.

• Negative thought lock

One powerful element that’s added, when required, is an negative-thought restriction. This helps to filter your negative thought frequencies and negative influences, so that they don’t affect your manifestations. This means you’ll only manifest the good stuff.

There will be events and situations that can really surprise you (in a good way). Negative thought lock quite literally hits the delete button every time negativity, or perhaps fear, appears.

By banishing doubt it clears a space for the power of intention to flow through.