This is MASCOTS …

A simple-to-use box set of
powerful magic charms

Step 1: Select your Mascot

Waiting for you inside is a collection of 15 magic charms, each with its own unique superpower.

Step 2: Wake it up

Follow the easy step-by-step enchantment routine and get set up in minutes.


Step 3: Keep it around


Cherish your charm like a teen cherishes his Pokémon. Pop it in your pocket, or passively flaunt it as a large print in your home or workspace. Your choice.


Meet Your Mascots

Each charm is programmed for a particular purpose, helping you shape a happy & fulfilling life…


Golden Wave

Mascot of Success

Tune into the wavelength of winners

Open the flow of prosperity, and attract meaningful opportunities for success in your personal life or business ventures

The Messenger

Mascot of Answers

Tap into your subconscious Siri

Find specific answers, solve problems, resurrect & recall memories, get helpful leads & clues


Mascot of Confidence, Courage, Conviction

Go from worrier to warrior

Armor yourself with self-belief, unlock a strong sense of faith, and find strength in the face of fear


Mascot of Love & Romance

Attract someone who will treasure you

Bring in genuine romantic love into your life


Mascot of Good Luck & Opportunity

Tune into the wavelength of good fortune

Experience more things going your way, find yourself in the right place at the right time, witness meaningful coincidences & synchronicity


Mascot of Happiness

Feel good

Bring in positive vibes and enjoy brighter states


Mascot of Money & Wealth

Open the doors to various sources of money

Named after one of the world’s most successful business investors, Soros presents you with more ways to make, earn, or find money


Mascot of Peace


Bring calm and tranquility into your life


Mascot of Productivity

Become a person of action

Ignito provides motivation, banishes procrastination, and sparks productivity to help you get more done


Mascot of Creativity, Invention, Innovation

Experience more aha! moments

Come up with interesting ideas, and encounter flashes of creative insight


Mascot of Mastery

Develop comprehensive knowledge or skill

Chops works best when you are super-focused on mastery of one particular skill, subject or activity

For example, you could advance in: playing tennis, or speaking Spanish, performing jazz piano, killin’ it at the gym, strengthening social skills, writing song lyrics, building apps, (and so on)


Mascot of Friendship

Make significant connections

Attract opportunities to build truly meaningful relationships, as well as strengthen bonds with friends & family


Mascot of Positive Thoughts

Take a mental detox

Kick yourself out of that negative feedback loop, and ease into a positive thought pattern

The + Mascot helps you in reducing stress or anxiety, clearing out negative thoughts, dissolving toxic memories and barriers


Mascot of New Habits

Follow through with your goals

This charm keeps you on-track and supports your commitment in positive change and hitting targets. This could be: new hobbies, behavior, relationships, work, stopping smoking/drinking, (and so on.)


Mascot of Intuition

Enhance your awareness

Gain more intuitive flashes of insight about yourself, others, and your environment

You Got This

Hundreds of hours have gone into perfecting MASCOTS for all users. Follow along with the included handbook, as we guide you step-by-step through two stunningly simple ways to use ’em:

Mode #1: Super Charm

What MASCOTS was made for: not having to do much at all. In this ‘quick start’ mode, you simply set up your charm to fulfil its general purpose…

Mode #2: Manifestation Sidekick

…but we’ve also hooked you up with an extra routine for you to direct the magic and add your own intention. (Yah, you’re welcome.)

And of course, if you already have your own way of doing things: that’s cool. Go ahead and incorporate MASCOTS into your current practice for more effective magical workings.

What’s Inside…

When you’re ready to start using MASCOTS, you’ll find inside your download pack:

15 simple-to-use charms

Pick from two versions: eye-candy color, and printer-friendly black & white. Plus – depending on how you’re going to use them – you’ve got versions optimized for use as small carryable cards, and large prints.

Image shows one charm in various options

The MASCOTS Handbook

A concise 10-pager, beautifully presented for beginners, covers everything you need to get started, Mascot profiles, useful tips, and guides you step-by-step in how to use your charm(s).

Friendly expert-support

We’ve hooked you up with everything you need for great change. Use it, and expect success. But if you ever need a hand, or a quick chat:

Common Questions

What do I need?

For the first step – selecting a Mascot – you’ll need a printer, or a mobile device (like smartphone or tablet), or paper to sketch on. Nothing else is required after that.

I’m a beginner with no magic experience. Is this difficult? Can this work for me?

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at. We’ve made things really simple for anyone to get good results.

Can I keep more than one Mascot at a time?

Yep, ‘course you can. Keep as many as you like. Ideally, you should activate only one Mascot in a day, before starting on the next. (You don’t have to activate a Mascot more than once.)

Are these evil spirits/demons? Is this witchcraft or black magic?


What’s the difference between MASCOTS and your magic spells?

Our core offering of magic spells is personalized one-to-one work performed by an experienced practitioner – targeting a desired result holistically (in a variety of appropriate layers).

Mascots are supercharms, powered up for one specific benefit users can access themselves. It’s another approach added to our unique line-up of awesomeness.

I’ve bought stuff from other websites, but was unclear on how to use their products. Does MASCOTS come with instructions I can easily understand?

We hear ya. Yep: we’ve perfected our 10-page step-by-step handbook to make things simple for all users. And if you ever have questions, simply send us an email, and we’ll get back
to you pronto.

Is there anything to send me in the post?

Nope, there’s nothing to ship. We’ll send a link to your email address for you to download everything. This is quicker, and gives you much more freedom to use MASCOTS the way you want.

Okay, I’m in. What should I do after I’ve downloaded it?

Open up MASCOTS and go through your handbook. This’ll take 10-15 minutes. Once you’re familiar with the simple process, you’ll be ready to get going with your first Mascot.

Why these charms?

Over three years in creating MASCOTS, we asked thousands across the globe, age 8 to 81, to describe their most intimate wishes and dreams.

Will there be more charms added in the future?

We intend on making at least 5 more charms. All users will be given the opportunity to vote on each one.

Got more questions?

Email us at any time over here, and we’ll get back to you soon.


Download MASCOTS

• 15 simple-to-use magic charms, each programmed with its own superpower, helping you shape a happy & fulfilling life

• MASCOTS Handbook guides you step-by-step in how to squeeze the best out of your charms

• Easy for anyone to use passively in auto-pilot mode, or actively set intents for manifestation