The Manifestor’s Bundle

Shape your own reality with The Manifestor’s Bundle — a power pack of six magical inventions specifically for manifesting your own desires. Here’s what’s inside:

Magic is Real Manifestation Course

Steer your fate in the direction you choose

In this manifestation course for beginners, you’ll learn genuine magic techniques and strategies for creating a wide variety of results: from changing your behaviors, to attracting golden opportunities, to securing material desires.

Learn more about the Magic is Real manifestation course.


Your deepest desires appear before you

The wish-granting charm, used solo or with the bonus manifestation routine inside, will help materialize your most meaningful goals, dreams, and ambitions

You can find XAOS in the magic charms catalog.

magic.mp3 Audio Spell

Materialization Potential, Tripl3d

magic.mp3 is an audio spell designed to speed up the materialization of a specific intent or desired outcome. Hit play and start making your wish a reality.

Learn more about the magic.mp3 manifestation audio track.

Miracle Gold Magic Charm

Unexpected miracles find you

A twist on the legendary lucky charm, Miracle Gold gives you shots of good luck, brings meaningful coincidences, and attracts out-of-the-blue awesome.

You can find Miracle Gold in the magic charms catalog.

marvel.mp3 Audio Spell

Once you start regularly listening to marvel.mp3, ultimately expect positive co-incidences, discoveries, surprises, synchronism, and out-of-the-ordinary, meetings, and opportunities.

You can find marvel.mp3 in the audio spells catalog.

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