Magic to your ears

magic.mp3: materialization potential, tripled

An audio spell designed to speed up the materialization of your specific intent or outcome

Step 1: Press play

Turn up your speakers or put on some headphones, and relax as your manifestation track plays

Short on time? Select magic.mp3 style MAGIC SHOT for a quick wishing-ritual lasting 77 seconds. This super-concentrated mode is suitable for busy folks to use daily towards materializing their desires

Or for a more immersive 15-20 minute wishing-session, choose style MAGIC SOAK. This original design for magic.mp3 was made for more committed users who have a bit of extra time to elevate their manifestation game

Both mp3 versions included inside


Step 2: Make a wish

Follow the wishing-ritual while listening to the audio spell

Whatever your goal, whatever you want to change for yourself – a better job, a new lover, business success – follow the simple step-by-step instructions inside, and start using magic.mp3 to manifest real-world results

Step 3: Make your wish a reality

Continue listening until satisfied with your desired outcome

Although it’s possible to manifest incredible outcomes from just one round of magic.mp3, it’s recommended you continue the practice regularly, each time realigning your external reality so that you bring yourself closer & closer to achieving your goal

The magic in magic.mp3

What makes magic.mp3 so impressively effective?

• One modern magick audio spell targets three goals: Manifest your specific intent or desired outcome, increase your success with the included ritual, and create a powerful relationship between you & your subconscious mind so that it works for you

• Enhanced with frequencies to help you relax and encourage certain states of consciousness that are ideal for practising the included ritual

• extraOddinary’s “secret (magic) sauce” artfully embedded within the manifestation track to get better magical results

You won’t ever be left wondering
Uhmm… so, how do I
use this dang thing?

With your manifestation audio spell, you’ve got the concise fourteen-page magic.mp3 user handbook to get awesome results. You’re shown exactly how to use magic.mp3, useful hints & tips to help you along the way, and how you can get optimal results from your manifestation track

Plus: Friendly support and expert advice whenever you need it

The manifestation track is super simple to use, and the handbook has everything you need to get started. But if you ever need some advice, simply send us a message and your questions will happily be answered

Common Questions

What do I need in order to use magic.mp3?

Nothing fancy at all. Listen to the track on any device that plays standard mp3 audio files. Your handbook is in PDF format

Headphones or speakers?

Your choice

Yo, I’ve bought $#*% like this before, and I had to meditate for hours. Is this the same deal?

We keep an eye on everything that everybody else is doing wrong. That’s why you’ve been given two versions of the track: magic shot giving you a concentrated 77-seconds, and magic soak giving you more than enough time to do the 15-20 minute ritual. Decide which one you’re going to use based on how much time you have

I’m a beginner with no magic experience. Is this difficult? Can this work for me?

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at. We’ve made things really simple for anyone to get good results. Being a beginner may actually be a benefit

Is this evil? Does this involve spirits/demons? Is this witchcraft or black magic?

No. And chill

I’ve bought stuff from other websites, but was unclear on how to use their products. Does magic.mp3 come with instructions I can easily understand?

Yes sir/ma’am. Your concise fourteen-page step-by-step handbook shows you exactly how to use your manifestation track, magical hints & tips, and how to get the very best results from magic.mp3. And if you ever have questions, simply send us an email, and we’ll get back to you pronto

Is there anything to send me in the post?

Nope, there’s nothing to ship. We’ll send a link to your email address for you to download everything

Okay, I’m in. What now?

Go through your magic.mp3 PDF handbook and spend a few minutes understanding how to set your first wish. Once you’re familiar with the simple process, it’s unlikely you’ll have to read it all the way through again!

Is this affirmations, subliminals, or hypnosis?

Nope! Those have been done to death. Plenty of choices all over the web for that sort of thing. extraOddinary likes to build things differently – and most importantly: more efficiently & powerfully.

What’s the difference between magic.mp3 and the other audio spells you have in the catalog?

magic.mp3 is for manifestors to actively set their own intentions and wishes. Other audio spells in the catalog are to be listened to in a more passive way and are already programmed with specific goals for luck, love, and money. See magic.mp3 as a blank canvas for you to fill in with your own specific wishes

Got more questions?

Email us at any time over here, and we’ll get back to you soon.


Download magic.mp3

• Audio spell designed to speed up the materialization of your specific intent or outcome. Play, wish, and done.

• magic.mp3 Handbook guides you step-by-step in how to effectively make a wish with the manifestation track

• Two modes to choose from depending on how much time you have