Accomplish things you thought unlikely

Use your mind to influence the real world and
get what you really want

Magic and Manifestation Course

Achieve your goals. Attract opportunities you wouldn’t normally have. Influence events; even people.

Part Two of Magic is Real reveals one new sure-fire way to achieve a desired outcome. The method has been – with great care and thoroughness – distilled for anyone to obtain results similar to those of our own magic spells and products.

You can use it to bring new and exciting things into your life — more customers, a new relationship, a new job. Brighten your mood, increase your optimism, protect your home, a relative or friend. Discover new ideas, solve problems, get answers.

And, if you’re so inclined, it can influence an event that’s important to you, a result, or even a person.

What’s inside?


 Magic is Real – Part Two 

The Core Guide

Your miracle starts here. You’ll go through all the easy-to-understand spellbinding concepts that make this work; exactly how to apply the technique, step by step; and everything you need to get great observable results.

30 page PDF guide

Magic and Manifestation Course


 Sorcerer’s Apprentice 

Maximize your magic

Bonus lesson: Learn how to apply the core principles to create your own magic side-kick for enhancing your manifestation proficiency & results. This is the thinking behind our powerful manifestation spell: Zeus.

3 page step-by-step PDF guide




Create extraordinary spells

You may sometimes feel a magical goal needs some extra ‘oomph’. That’s why we’ve put together The Spells Formula: an extensive, well-rounded advanced routine you can confidently use for putting maximum power behind your most important aims.

4 page step-by-step PDF guide



 The KAOSˣ Machine 

Build your own manifestation supertool

Learn how to make your your own KAOSˣ Machine (Kˣ) for boosting your magic results – exactly the way we do. No design skills needed – simply print off your ready-to-go template!

7 page step-by-step PDF guide and templates




What’s the difference between Part One and Part Two?

Part One is a detailed introduction to manifestation, discusses 3 magic techniques plus variations and extra ideas, and lots of general manifestation advice. Part Two is hyper-focused on getting results with just one advanced technique that hasn’t been discussed before. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to dive right in or try something new, and readers who enjoyed Part One and want the next level up.

Will I need to get Part One first?

Not really. Everything you need to know is inside. Once or twice we refer to simple concepts previously discussed in Part One, but we (very briefly) explain the essentials for you to get going or refer you to free content on the blog. And we don’t ever go in-depth on repeated concepts because we want to keep things worthwhile and fair for readers of Part One. It’s a fresh new standalone course.

What extra materials will I need?

We’ve discussed four basic ways to execute the technique.
Each one requires very little:

Core technique: Pen and paper
Variation 1: Pen and paper
Variation 2: Just yourself
Variation 3: Pen & notepad, or word processor

There will be other variations in free future updates.

Is the method difficult?

It’s not difficult, but you will need to dedicate some time to the method. You won’t get it wrong and you certainly won’t regret using it!

I’m a newcomer to this sort of stuff. Will it work for me?

It’s very likely it will. You’ve got everything you need to know, the methods are simple and do not require any experience to get good results.

Is this witchcraft or black magic? Will I be making deals with any spirits?

Nope. Everything inside is about using just yourself to shape reality the way you want. No selling your soul for that hot date!

Are there any negative side-effects?

Depends on how that hot date goes 😂

There are no negative side-effects.

Of course, before working with the method, it’s important to be sure you’ll be satisfied with your desired outcome. You’re working powerful magic, so you should be careful what you wish for.

Can I use the method for [X]?

Most probably! The course shows you a technique that can be applied to all sorts of wonderful things – basic and complex. This includes manifesting a specific result like a relationship or job; protecting yourself or your property; bringing about shifts that attract opportunities you wouldn’t normally have; discovering things; influencing events or people.

Is there anything to send me in the post?

Nope, there’s nothing to ship, so you can get started almost right away. Once your order has been securely processed, you’ll be emailed a link to download one neat .zip package with everything inside. No waiting around for days, no missed deliveries, no international shipping charges.

All your reading material is PDF. If you haven’t received your download link within 24 hours, please get in touch, and we’ll quickly get that sorted out for you.

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