For non-magicians and newcomers…

Learn a quick and dependable style of magick that will not fail to get you exactly what you need

Learn Magick Course

Magick — the kind that WILL work — isn’t easy to find out how to do…

Our new course, M*gic, shows you how to [properly] do the most effective magick that gets powerful results in the real-world… with no training whatsoever

Cast Real Magick Spells

Gold Star Bring your desires into existence

Use the simple technique to create great change within yourself and the world around you…

• Get what you want
• Create opportunities
• Influence events
• Find solutions
• Change or create new habits
• Improve your relationships
• Find love
• Improve your sex life

Magick Course

Gold Star Sidestep years of magick study and training


You don’t have to be magus to understand and use this spell. There’s no theory to learn and you don’t have to meditate or change your beliefs and lifestyle.

If you know what you want from life but don’t know how to get it, this masterclass will help you. You’ll see magical results in the physical world, even if you’re new to magick.

Gold Star Get started… by tonight

Easily follow along with clear step-by-step instructions, beautifully presented for newcomers and beginners.

No goofy hocus pocus, and no complicated time consuming rituals that require hard-to-obtain items or expensive tools. Once you’ve read through the material and watched the video, you’ll see how simple it is to cast effective spells in as little as 15 minutes.



…and unlike other approaches

• No visualization
• No rules or dogma
• No complex rituals
• No Law of Attraction
• No radionics or psionics
• No changing belief or religion
• No waiting for specific days/nights
• No special abilities, skills, powers, or gifts
• No witchcraft or working with black magic
• No study, knowledge, or experience of magick
• No servitors, spirits, demons or negative entities

Clearly presented and written in our friendly, conversational style

(A snapshot from Chapter 1)


A little video tutorial
shows you how it’s done


Plus: The Master Sigil.
Our power symbol
to support your spells



Your download contains:


Gold Star M*gic: The 15 page
bitesize guide

Gold Star Helpful 6-minute HD video shows you the simple spell-casting technique
in real time

Gold Star The Master Sigil
(a power symbol for spell-casting and manifestation)

Contents Page

+ Mastery Club Archive

Mastery Club is a dedicated email list made specially for M*gic course students. Valuable follow ups and bite-sized material with new ideas, things to think about, and videos focused on applying just this one technique. You’ll have immediate access to what’s been added so far:


Video: Building Blocks

An extra realtime demonstration takes a closer look at the technique
Video length: 2 min 51 sec

Building Blocks

How to Use The Master Sigil (PDF)

Tap into the power of The Master Sigil to speed-up manifestation of your desires

How Master Sigil

Video: The Breath of Life Technique

Known by (very) few, our secret technique to amplify your spell. Demonstrated in real time.
Video length: 1 min 52 sec

Breath of Life

Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Quickly refer to this one page summary any time you want to go through the key points.

Cheat Sheet

Video: Designing Your Spell

This short video (from Version 1) presents a few things on what to think about before you take the steps of bringing your desire into your world.
Video length: 1 min 4 sec

Designing Your Magick Spell

Stay Free (PDF)

Some important closing notes taken from our live in-person masterclass.

Stay Free

Video: Super Strategies

Once you’ve learned how to do the spell, feel free to go your own way or follow the path we’ve outlined for you to get the most out of it.
3 videos total length: 2 minutes 8 sec

Super Strategies


Q&A, ideas, and loyal support if you ever need it

Ask questions any time, and learn from an expert who’s ready to take you from beginner to blackbelt.

Free future updates to the course

Fun Fact: M*gic recently had a major update to Version 2. You’ll always have the latest edition of the course ready to download at any time. And you’ll get an email every time it’s updated.


Common Questions


What materials do I need?

You need a pen and a few sheets of paper. It is really direct and requires no other materials or rituals.

Whaaa? Just a pen and paper(?) Is that it?

Try not to discount the method just because the tools are simple. The pen and paper is what triggers the magick.

Is this difficult?

This is one of the least complex, most useful, and effective forms of magick. It’s difficult to get wrong.

I’m a total beginner/newcomer. Will this work for me?

Yes. Not only is the material presented specifically for newcomers & beginners, the method itself is simple and doesn’t require any belief system or magick experience.

Will anything spooky happen to me?

The only thing that may be considered “spooky” is when your desire presents itself in your life. (Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.)

Is this another looong and boring magic book full of pompous fluff and theories?

No. (We’ve read the kind you’re talking about.) This is a very down-to-earth book & video that you can understand in about 20 minutes and start applying today.

We’ve kept theory to a minimum. This technique doesn’t rely on knowing WHY it works, so we mostly teach you HOW to work it.

Are there any negative side-effects?

Not at all.

Is this witchcraft or black magic?


Where does this method come from?

This is a modernized version of magick that’s been used for many thousands of years.

How long does it take to do?

Generally, 15 minutes.

What happens once I download the course?

It’ll take about 20 minutes to read the guide and watch the video. Then you can get familiar with the technique; allow your first time to take 20-30 minutes.

I’m not sure if I should get this course or just get one of your magick spells. What should I do?

Since 2012, extraOddinary’s core audience has been those who want powerful spells to be done by an experienced magickian. When you get one of our magick spells, you give us the responsibility of getting awesome results. Nothing will ever replace this.

By creating this course (teaching one easy & effective method), all we’ve done is simply open-up to another audience who are interested in learning how to do some things for themselves. So this answer is a question for you: Which audience do you belong to? (You can belong to both.)

Got more questions?

Email us at any time over here, and we’ll get back to you soon.


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