Transformative video enchantments

Shape your reality with charmed video imagery combined with the tried & tested methods used in magic spells, power symbols, and audio-based enchantments. Press play, watch the 7-minute video, and repeat as often as you like to enhance the effects until satisfied.

Self-enchantment made easy

• Powerful formulations featuring 7 magic charms targetting your core intent

Audio sorcery for accessing magical states and enhancing the magic — without any guided meditation, affirmations, or subliminals.

• Self-activating manifestation servitors; programmed constructs working behind the scenes for you, on autopilot, to pull the specific results you’re looking for.

Choose from 3 magical effects:

EDGE — Master the markets

GET LUCKY — Boost your sex life

GAIN$ — Achieve your best financial destiny

📈 EDGE — Master the markets

Tune into the wavelength of winning traders and investors

A well-rounded video charm for ambitious traders and investors pursuing market mastery. Includes a breakdown of the core intent, financial independence through trading (and/or investing):

Trading profits, execution, and psychology:

• Ever-growing profits
• Achieving profit targets
• Identifying profitable trading and investing opportunities
• Executing your plan confidently
• Maximum trading/investing advantage

General wealth-building elements specifically for traders, speculators, and investors:

• Financial independence
• Millionaire status

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Price: $37 USD

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💋 Get Lucky — Boost Your Sex Life

Meet women eager to satisfy you sexually

A video sex spell for straight men who want a better sex life. Includes a breakdown of the core intent, passionate sex with women:

• Intensely pleasurable orgasms
• Women approach me with sexual intent
• Satisfying blowjobs
• Wide selection of sex partners
• Women are eager to satisfy me sexually
• Cumming inside women

Warning: 18+ only. This is a very explicit video charm made for private viewing only.

Price: $37 USD

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💰 GAIN$ — Achieve Your Best Financial Destiny

Enhance your money-making potential

A video charm for wealth-building and good financial luck. Whether you’re looking for extra sources of income, new paying clients, consistent gambling wins, or more online sales, the GAIN$ video money charm will give you a magical nudge in building the level of wealth you want.

Includes a breakdown of the core intent, money always available; the idea of financial freedom and independence:

Ever-growing bank account: Consistent income

Opportunities to generate wealth: Abundance of valuable possessions or money.

Luxury lifestyle: Having the best of anything.

Accelerated profits: Optimize your money-making potential

Buy anything I want: Aiming high in order for you to reach a point where you can purchase daily essentials and the things you desire most.

Money-making miracles: Good luck for your pursuit of wealth, including discovering money-making ideas and offers, getting a pay raise, winning money from gambling, finding influencers and other useful business connections who can help you, and more.

Price: $37 USD

✨ Special offer! Get 57% off with voucher code MAGIC

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FAQs — Your questions answered

What do I need to use my video spell?

Nothing fancy. Play your video spell on any device like a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Your User Guide is in PDF format. There’s also an online version of the Video Spells User Guide.

I’m new to this sort of thing. Will it be difficult to get results?

Not at all. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at. This is a simple and effective tool designed for newcomers with no experience. Follow the simple instructions, and you can get results — even if you haven’t done anything like this before.

What is a Video Spell?

It’s an enchantment, made possible through video, designed to create a magical effect for its user.

It includes 7 magic symbols working towards a specific goal. Added to each video are other magical elements, including audio sorcery and servitor-backlinking — greatly increasing its impact.

(If any of that sounds new to you, don’t worry: You absolutely don’t need to know what goes on behind the scenes or how this is created. These are simple tools ready-made for you to use effortlessly. All you have to do is follow the quick & easy instructions to unlock the magic.)

How do I activate my spell?

Full details can be found in your provided PDF (or online) User Guide, but in summary:

  • Play your video spell.
  • Keep your attention on the symbols for the duration of the 7-minute video to tune in.
  • All done. Come back whenever you feel like a refresh or to enhance the effects.

Is this “evil witchcraft” or black magic? Will I be making deals with any spirits?


Do I have to actively work with my spell?

Once activated, there’s no involvement needed; let things adjust and work for you on auto-pilot.

It’s recommended, for optimal results, that you come back for a refresh or further empowerment every now & again. Each video is just 7 minutes, why not use it like a daily or weekly vitamin(?)

Can I have more than one spell at a time?

You can if you want. Just take your time in activating each spell separately.

Is there anything similar for those who want to define their own goals? I’d like to set my own specific “wish”.

To set your own intentions and wishes using similar video tech, use the Wish Console.

Sounds good, I’m in! What’s next?

Your personal link will be sent to your email inbox within minutes. Go through your user guide to see how easy it is to activate your video spell!

Stream it online or download for offline use. Good luck, and here if you need anything!

More questions?

Happy to answer them. Get in touch using the contact details on this page.

Choose your Video Spell to get started

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