Quick Start: This servitor creation toolkit for magicians and manifestors features a simple system for creating your own magic constructs that will act on your behalf to bring the results you desire. Your detailed user guide is accompanied by magically programmed video charms and audio track sorcery to boost your servitor magic success. Play CREATE when crafting your servitors visual design; EMPOWER to charge your servitor; and COMMAND when setting a task.

User Guide Contents

Part One: What is servitor magic?

Part Two: Creating your servitor

Part Three: Empowering your servitor

Part Four: Tasking your servitor

Part Five: Deleting your servitor

Part Six: Servitor magic summary

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What is servitor magic?

Supercharged magical intent

A thought or idea that’s given special attention over an extended period can evolve and develop its own sense of consciousness. Magicians & manifestors deliberately create these semi-sentient, supercharged thoughts and use them in powerful ways to influence reality.

A servitor — or mascot as we sometimes like to call them — is an idea given form; a sort of imaginary friend who carries out a command. It will represent that idea, embody it, and lead you towards achieving it.

Tip: Servitors are also called thoughtforms and mental constructs.

Direct change in whatever way you want

So what can you get out of mascots?

You can bring new and exciting things into your life — more customers, a new relationship, a new job. It can brighten your mood, increase your optimism, protect your home, a relative or friend. Discover new ideas, solve problems, get answers. And, if you’re so inclined, it can influence an event that’s important to you, a result, or even a person.

These are just a few examples; with endless options for the taking, we’ll discuss how you actually do that in the following parts.

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Creating your servitor

Step 1: Press play on CREATE.mp4

Whenever you start creating a new servitor, play the magically enhanced video & audio track called CREATE. Hit full screen mode, and let it play in the background as you follow the next steps. Feel free to use headphones if you wish.

This track is 37 minutes long. If you need extra time, simply set your video to “loop”, or replay the video manually whenever you want to.

Step 2: Define your mascot’s purpose

What do you want to achieve?

Before you embark on your mascot’s visual design, you must first decide on an aim. Write your intent at the top of a plain piece of paper.

• Set a clear goal

• Use positive words

• Use the present tense

• Describe the final state

For example:


Step 3: Create your mascot’s visual design

What does your mascot look like?

Servitors & mascots come in various shapes, sizes, and formats. They could be icons, full coloured characters, 3D graphics, and even physical objects like coins, stones, talismans, clay models. Feel free to use any of those things as a medium for your mascot. 

For simplicity, you’ll be shown the simplest method: a symbol-based servitor (which can also be housed on an object of your choice in the next step.)

I) Write your magical intent

Use the guidelines on the previous page.

For example:


II) Remove unwanted letters (usually vowels and repeats)

Taking out the vowels and duplicate letters, this would become:


III) Turn it into a symbol

The remaining letters will form your symbol. Get creative with this and ensure your symbol will be looked at as a picture, not a set of letters. Of course, the hidden meaning of the symbol will be registered each time it’s looked at.

Here are some ideas to consider:

• Combine the lines and loops of letters

• Simplify letters

• Link letters in new and interesting ways

• Turn letters upside down

• Write letters in reverse

• Refine your symbol

• Add features like lines, arrows, stars, circles, dots, and swoops

There is no right or wrong way to create a symbol from your remaining letters. Whatever works for you is what works. This step will be different for everyone. What’s important is that the end result feels good to you. It should resonate with you somehow, and feel somewhat impressive when you look at it.

Here’s one example showing how this process might look.

So you’ve got your remaining letters:


Use these letters as building blocks to start creating a symbol. Most people get started by simply merging letters in some way:


The above symbol is good enough to use as a sigil. If you’d like, you can get creative with it and refine the symbol. Once you’ve settled on something you like, acknowledge it as a completed sigil.


Feel free to rotate or flip it if that helps. Once you’ve settled on something you like, acknowledge it as a completed symbol.


(Optional) Step 4: External housing

If you want to house your servitor on an object, like a rock or pendant, draw your sigil on this item. 

If you find it difficult to draw this directly to your item, then you can draw your sigil on a label and then apply it. Or simply use paper and tape (or glue.)

Otherwise, a sigil drawn on a clean sheet of paper or flat item is the simplest approach.

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Empowering your servitor

Now that you have your mascot’s purpose and visual design figured out, you need to charge its batteries. After all, you designed the critter in the hope of bringing about some change, so this is about getting those initial settings right, then allowing that to happen automatically.

You can do this as many times as you want. The more the better. Bare minimum: 7 minutes on at least 3 separate days. 

Step 1: Press play on EMPOWER.mp4

Whenever you want to charge a servitor, play the magically enhanced video & audio track called EMPOWER. Hit full screen mode, and let it play in the background as you follow the next steps. Feel free to use headphones if you wish.

Step 2: Relax

Sit down somewhere comfortable, first and foremost. Clear your mind of as many thoughts as possible, concentrate on your breathing, and generally wind down.

This is to focus your mind on your mascot, without distraction.

Step 3: Activate your mascot

Here we bring the mascot to life.

This way, your mascot will become fully functional, packed full of power and influence. It will become a fully “supercharged thought”, ready to guide you toward your aim.

Take as much time as you need with this. After all, magic can change your life if you just let it — and that should be enough to know not to rush.

I) Place your symbol somewhere you can see it, the closer the better. 

II) Sit down in a comfortable spot, focus on your breathing, wind down slowly.

III) Gaze at the symbol without straining, taking it in as a picture alone. Convince yourself of how real your mascot is. Take it in as a living being who’s about to carry out your task. Feel its presence. 

Step 4: Give your mascot a place to stay

The hard work is complete. Your mascot has begun its mission and you’re already moving towards that goal, even if you’re not aware of it. The only thing left to do is to put that mascot in a place where it can be recognized (consciously and/or unconsciously.)

Your mascot grows stronger by feeding off any attention you give it — finding a good home for your mascot will allow that to take place properly.

Here are a few good ideas:

• Keep it on a desk where you work

• Stick it to a bathroom mirror, window, or wall

• Snap and save it as your phone’s home-screen

• Stick it to your purse or wallet

• Make it the logo for your business (if appropriate)

• Upload it as your social media avatar

A supercharged thought — your mascot — is like a building that decays a little faster than real buildings. With continued maintenance, it stands strong. When it’s ignored or not given attention for long enough, it will crumble. That’s why it helps to keep your mascot somewhere you can see regularly.

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Tasking your servitor

Step 1: Press play on COMMAND.mp4

Whenever you want to tell your servitor what it needs to do for you, play the magically enhanced video & audio track called COMMAND. Hit full screen mode, and let it play in the background as you follow the next steps. Feel free to use headphones if you wish.

COMMAND.mp4 is 7 minutes, and that’s the minimum time you should spend making a request. For longer sessions, use COMMAND-X.mp4 (X for extended) which is 37 minutes in length.

Step 2: Connect and instruct

With your servitor close to you (or in your hand), see the result it has bought into your life:

What do things look like, now that your desire has manifested in your life? 

When you’re ready, imagine yourself enjoying or experiencing the exact, ideal end result you were looking for. As if it is happening in real-time, right in front of you. 

Think of this part as having a mental voodoo doll of your world in your mind; one that you can manipulate with imagined experiences — to manifest a real-world result. In other words, the thoughts you project here will start to make your wish a reality.

This part is all about seeing, from your own perspective, what happens as a consequence of this manifestation. Be as detailed as you want. Involve as many senses as you can during your vision, and don’t worry if they’re not representative of real life. 

In this scene, you are experiencing the fruits of your desire in real-time. Think about how your desired outcome looks, sounds, feels, smells. Reflect on how this outcome makes you feel emotionally. 

Feel — in the emotional sense of the word — like you are really experiencing the scene. Hone in on those feelings and intensify them.

Step 3: Complete 

When your session is complete, acknowledge the end of your ritual, move on, and continue with your day. 

You can repeat this process as many times you like. Each round will solidify your magical intent.

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Deleting your servitor

So you got what you wanted. Once your servitor has fulfilled its purpose, it’s probably wasting valuable space like an unwanted app on your phone, so get rid of it.

This is simple: just ignore your mascot. Suck it up like a vacuum cleaner. Since attention fuels its very existence, you can banish it to insignificance.

Tip: You don’t have to delete it if it’s an ongoing task like acquiring more customers for a business, protecting a valuable item, boosting motivation for gym workouts.

Essentially, delete a mascot when it’s no longer useful to you. In its creation phase you’ll probably already know whether it’s for continued use or a one-time thing.

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Step 1: Play CREATE. Make a symbol representing your magical intent. If you want to house your servitor on an item, apply the symbol to it.

Step 2: Play EMPOWER. Gaze into your symbol for the duration of the track.

Step 3: Play COMMAND to set your task or desired outcome. With your servitor close to you, imagine what you want happening in real time.

Deletion: When your servitor is no longer useful to you, don’t give it any more of your attention.

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