Change your financial destiny

Enrich your life with the power of the Midas Servitor, a genie for wealth and success. Immerse yourself in the audio-visual track and bring the magic to life with easy-to-follow steps.

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An ambitious servitor, empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals

The Midas Machine combines the technology of Subliminal Sorcery, Wish Console, and audio-visual spells — to bring the power of the Midas Servitor to you with ease and without lengthy rituals. It’s designed to help you steer your financial fate in the direction you choose.

Inside Midas Machine, you’ll find:

• An audio-visual attunement track to initiate the Midas Servitor and set it to work for you on autopilot

• A choice of activation routines that come with a printable Midas Servitor symbol

• An MP3 supplement track for ongoing reinforcement, so you can maintain the effect without having to repeat the video attunement

• A bonus, previously unreleased manifestation method to add variety to your wealth manifestation journey

Summary and FAQs

What does the Midas Servitor aim for?

The Midas Servitor aims high with its ambitious programming:

• Serves to bring abundance, prosperity, and financial growth to all who use it

• Attracts and increases wealth in all its forms to its users

• Empowers individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals through effective manifestation of wealth and abundance

• Aligns and harmonizes with the Universe to provide unlimited financial opportunities for its users

• Removes blockages and obstacles to financial success for its users, allowing them to achieve their desired wealth and prosperity

Although it aims for the moon, we hope it lands among the stars for all of its users.

How do I use it?

It’s very easy to get going. Everything is explained in your short PDF guide, but in summary:

The video attunement: Sit or lay down, and let the 7-minute video play as you listen in. You may close your eyes as the symbol slowly flashes. Simply relax as it ‘pumps’ magic into your atmosphere, or you can choose to focus on the symbol it if that’s your thing.

The MP3 supplement: Listen to the track whenever you want — on the go, as you work, or as you relax. This helps to reinforce the effect without having to repeat the video attunement (unless you want to.)

What rituals are included with the Midas Servitor?

As explained above, the initiation process is simple. You also have optional tasks:

• Midas Touch Ritual: Draw or trace the Midas Symbol on items representing your desires. Like a cash note or coin.

• Keep the Midas Symbol nearby in a printed copy or drawn/carved onto a personal item.

• A water infusion ritual to enhance your life with Midas magic.

• Mentally recite a custom statement of intent 7 times while listening to the MP3 supplement.

Is the Midas Servitor programmable for specific tasks?

If you’re looking for a personal servitor programmable for specific tasks, try Companion.

The Midas Servitor operates on autopilot, focused on bringing wealth and abundance without direct instructions and regular engagement.

How can I access the video and MP3 tracks?

You will find the links for the 7-minute video attunement in your PDF guide.

The accompanying MP3s are located in the same folder as your guide, ready for you to download and use.

More questions?

Happy to answer them. Get in touch using the contact details on this page.

Reshape your financial fate

Use the Midas Machine to unleash a custom-crafted genie programmed for wealth and success, and the combined power of Subliminal Sorcery, Wish Console, and Audio-Visual spells.

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